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"Now I've hurt your feelings," Lex says, disgusted with himself. Lex whines that he's alienated everyone he cares about with this campaign. And you got your campaign manager shot, too. "I can't lose you, too," Lex says as he goes back for a refill. Was he talking to the Scotch? Lana walks back to him. She puts her left hand on his shoulder and says he's not going to lose her. Lex turns and takes her hand. He looks down and sees the engagement ring. Lana smiles. "Oh," Lex says. Lana giggles a bit. "I guess it's a bigger day than I thought," he tells her. Lana says that it happened so fast, they didn't get a chance to tell anyone about it. "Yeah," Lex exhales, and deflates it, fast. "So after all the lies he told you, you still chose him," he observes. Lana tells Lex he doesn't understand. Lex asks bitterly how many times she's come to him wondering about Clark's secret -- why he went to Metropolis for months or how he rose from the dead. Lana shakes her head and underplays the line "It's not like that now." "Really?" Lex says, "I know you. You'd never say yes with all the doubts you have." Lana looks around the room. Lex figures it out. He raises her chin a bit roughly. "You know, don't you," he whispers. Lana takes his hand away. She tells him that Clark isn't hiding anything. Lex looks down. Purses his lips. "After everything I've done for you," Lex says coldly, "how could you lie to me?" He tosses his glass of Scotch to the fireplace, where it raises some flames. Damn you, lying single-malt! Damn you straight to Hell! Lex grabs Lana roughly by both arms. "Tell me!" he screams. Lana grabs a container on the bar and splashes it in Lex's face. It looks like water, but he grunts in pain anyway. Lana scurries away and out the door.

At Bo's campaign headquarters, Clark's cell phone rings. "Lana? Where'd you go?" he asks. She didn't tell him where she was going?

Lana is speeding down a road. She explains to Clark about Lex being drunk. "What happened?" Clark asks. "He knows," Lana says. Nice. You kept the secret for, what, six hours? Rock. Lana says she doesn't know how he could tell, but Lex figured out she was hiding Clark's secret. Clark's face goes, "Oh shits." Lana says she didn't say anything, but that Lex got angry. Clark says it's all right, and asks where she is now. Lana is on Route 40, about to cross Loeb bridge. The camera pans across the US 40 sign as Lana speeds past. A silver sports car is in pursuit, honking. "Oh, God, he's coming after me!" Lana tells Clark. On the road, the silver car speeds up alongside Lana, honking. "Lana! Just pull over so we can talk!" Lex yells, toward Lana's closed window. There's a flash of light. Lex swerves. "Lana, watch out!" he yells. Lana, cell phone in hand, screams. Where's your hands-free headset now, Lana? A school bus smashes into Lana's vehicle. In the SUV, Lana is thrown around. Her SUV flips, several times. It lands upside-down. Clark hears it on his phone. Can you hear her now, dumb-ass? Lex stumbles out of his car. "Lana!" he moans, his eyes wild and crazy. "Lana!" Clark superzips into the scene, right in front of Lex. He doesn't even notice Lex staring. Clark walks forward, then jogs toward Lana's car. Students are getting out of the school bus. Clark breathes heavily as he looks into the SUV.

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