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Al: Seconds, anyone?
Miles: It's a twofer, people. Double-meat Lana. Choke on it. Bitches.

Lana says she needs a break. Am I the only one that always thinks of Ross whining, "We were on a break!" when I hear that? "From me?" Clark asks. Lana stops at the stairs. "No. From us," she says. But mostly the part of "us" that contains a big, dumb, lying farmboy. Lana leaves the barn as "I will never be with you" underlines the scene twenty times in big Sharpie ink. Clark just stands there sadly, next to his telescope.

Daily Planet again. Clark is telling Chloe that he and Lana are done. She asks if it's "done done" or just a downward dip in the Lana and Clark roller coaster. She asks what happened. Clark asks her to put on her Wall of Weird hat. "I lived this day before. I kinda went back in time," Clark says. Does Huey Lewis know? He could write a song for you about it! Chloe jokingly asks if Clark spun the earth back on its axis. Then she asks if Clark picked up the lottery numbers on his way. Clark sees someone carrying a bouquet of flowers and tells Chloe that they're being delivered to a secretary. They follow the guy into the main office. "Margaret?" Chloe says. "She's a workaholic. She hasn't had a date in like a year." The flowers do get delivered, to Chloe's surprise, and the secretary yelps in delight. Clark walks through the office like he owns the place, telling Chloe that her boss is firing someone right now. The guy in the suit re-emerges, saying, "You can't fire me, I quit!" The phone rings. "Don't bother. It's the wrong number," Clark tells Chloe, "Chinese take-out." Chloe answers. "No, I'm sorry," says a stunned Chloe, "we're all out of egg rolls." Chloe drags Clark into another room. "All right, McFly," she says, hilariously, "do you want to start with how or why?" Clark says he went to Jarnelle to try to change things back. Jarnelle wishes he transported Clark back to a time when he could teach him how to pronounce "Jor-El." Clark explains about what happened the first time he lived this day. This time, when Clark brings up the marriage proposal, Chloe goes, "WHAT!? Wha...what did she say?" Clark says that Lana's answer was yes. Chloe asks, cutely, what her own reaction was. "A lot like that," Clark says quietly. He tells Chloe that it was all a big mistake. The James Blunt song, the soldering, the jumping up on precarious ice structures, all of it! Clark tells Chloe that Lex was chasing Lana on Route 40 and didn't get there in time. Chloe tells Clark that, this time, he can warn Lana about Lex: "This doesn't mean you have to lie to her forever!" Clark says that she only knew for a day and that all of this happened. He's got a point, damn him. Clark says that this will keep happening as long as he and Lana are together. Chloe promises that they won't let Lana get anywhere near that road. Clark tells Chloe that it happens at 11:02. Also, Lana's not speaking to Clark right now. That might make her tough to protect. Chloe promises not to leave Lana's side. Clark thinks about fur pillows.

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