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The Talon, that night. Clark is looking around, feeling doomed. Bo and MamaKent come over. Bo asks if Clark is all right. He lies that he's fine. Big hug. Clark wishes Bo luck. Then he checks his watch. Lana and Chloe enter the room. Lana looks completely dragged-in. "Hey! You made it!" Clark says cheerfully. "And you're not bloody or mangled up or anything! Er, I look very alive tonight. Damn this feeble brain of mine!" Lana walks right past Clark as Chloe goes up to talk to him. What about not leaving her side, Chloe? On the TV, the announcement goes out that Bo Duke has been elected. Missing is Lois, who made the original announcement in that other dimension. Clark notices that something is different. "Lois?" Clark asks. He runs upstairs. He finds water across the floor and a purple toaster lying on its side. "Lois!" Clark yells. He runs over to where Lois is lying on the ground in water, unconscious. Now, this? Pretty fair trade. Good move, Clark. Thank Jarnelle for me next time you see him. Clark picks up Lois. There are sparks and streaks of electricity across the floor, but of course they don't hurt Clark. The lights flicker and go off. Clark gets pensive about how willy-nilly he just handed someone a death sentence. It won't last.

Downstairs, Chloe is looking for Lana even as everyone is wandering around in the dark. I like Chloe quite a lot, but she just let Lana out of her sight right at the moment she's supposed to be protecting her. So, boo, Chloe. Bo gets a cell-phone call. This time, we hear the conversation. It's Papa Luthor, calling from his own cell phone as he's driven down some road. "I wanted to be the first to congratulate you, Senator," Papa says smoothly. He says that there are a few things he wants to discuss, "now that we've won." Bo looks like he expected this.

Lair of Lex. He's stooped over and pouring Scotch again. According to my recap, "Lex must have known he lost a lot earlier because he's certainly had time to go home and juice it up. He clinks the second glass with his own, wallowing in his self-pity." Well, I guess there's one advantage to recapping a scene twice. Lana enters, asking if Lex is all right. This time, Lana tells Lex that she was looking for a reason to get some air away from the party. "Clark and I had our last fight," she tells Lex. Let's see. You show up at the house of the dude you know is falling in love with you right after breaking up with your boyfriend and tell him it's your "last fight." And the guy happens to be drunk. I'm not saying that what follows is right; I'm just saying that Lana is stupid. Lex considers his options. "'Last,' huh?" he asks. Lana tells Lex that she kept waiting for Clark's armor to crack, but that it never happened. "I guess people have armor for a reason," she says. That may be the worst line I've heard on this show. I can't even spin that into comedy. It's just...a turd. Lying there. Disintegrating. Lex walks over to her slowly. "I hate to say this," he says, "but it's possible Clark's never going to trust you." Lana asks why you'd lie to someone you love. Lex has to think about that one. He puts his hands softly on her arms. "I wouldn't," he says. He strokes Lana's hair and cheek. She lets him. Lex kisses Lana. She pushes him away, touching her lips. Lex apologizes. Lana says it's all right. She awkwardly says that she's going to leave. She does. Lex throws his drink at the fireplace again, where it flames up again, not unlike its owner used to. My recap says, "Damn you, lying single-malt! Damn you straight to Hell!" Hey, this shit really works! Lex slams his fist on a tabletop.

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