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Big Superman On Campus

Lois's dorm room. Chloe is filling out a financial aid form. Lois, standing nearby, advises that Chloe not be seen near Lois if Chloe wants a fair shake at college funds. Chloe says that the autopsy on Coop will likely prove Lois innocent. Lois notices the level of detailed questions on the form ("father's birth city"). She slurps on what looks like a nasty cup of noodles. There's a knock at the door. Clark walks in without waiting for a reply. Without saying hello, Clark announces that he thinks Luke paralyzed Coop. Clark reveals the bit about the urine samples. "Black market pee?" Lois asks. "What's he trying to cover up?" Some bushes? Someone else's name in the snow? Clark tells Chloe and Lois that he saw Luke touch someone and put him to the ground. Oh, Clark, that's just his off-the-charts charisma. He rolled a twenty on his savings throw and shit just happened. Clark says that it happens on the football field when guys get hit by Luke. Chloe frowns studiously, forming those between-the-eyebrows lines that I developed when I wore contacts and used to squint at the sun all the time. Lois says that using your powers on the field is pathetic, but that it's not paralyzing someone. Clark thinks Luke might be able to control the intensity. Chloe thinks the "Pee Peddler" might know something. She thinks she can track him down based on the complete lack of information she has at hand or that Clark has given her. Clark plans to go find Luke before he can hurt anyone else.

Lois and Chloe, two minutes later, just happen to find the Pee Guy. Wow, that's some awesome investigating skills right there. As the Pee Guy locks his bike to a rack, Lois says she's going to talk to "Mr. Peebody." Chloe plans to go door-to-door at the dorms to see what people know about Luke. I'm sorry to bring it up again, but damn, Lois really needs some sleep or something. Are her guest-shot shooting hours just abysmally bad? She goes straight up to the Pee Guy and asks where a person could get some "clean number one" around here. Pee Guy acts like he doesn't know what she's talking about. She asks about Luke and starts to threaten to go to the authorities when -- he's right behind you, Lois! Luke tells her that if she has a question, she can ask him directly. Luke tells Pee Guy to get lost. Lois smiles and asks Luke if he thinks he'll be drafted to the Sharks, because she's a huge fan. Luke asks why she was talking to Pee Guy. Lois bullshits that she's a fan, and that she guesses she'll have to wait and see like everyone else. She walks away. Luke follows and puts his hand on her shoulder. Lois spasms and her face pulses. Luke holds her as if he's hugging her from behind. He tells her, for no good reason, that he played fair in high school, but in college there's too much pressure to win. He looks around, making sure there are dozens of folks walking in the background and drags her to his SUV. He shoves her in the car. Lois's sunglasses have fallen on the pavement.

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