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Big Superman On Campus

The Talon. Clark opens up his titanium briefcase and shows Lana a photo. He says it was taken the day before Jason met Lana, in Paris. It's Jason, sitting on a railing near the Seine, talking to Jane Seymour. Lana can't believe it; Jason's mother was supposed to have been in the Hamptons at that time. Lex lays out some facts: Jason's mom had been researching the Countess since before Jason was born. Lex says that Jason grew up in a house full of artifacts and research materials about her. Despite what Lana may think, Jason's been aware of the Countess since he was a child. He called her "pweternaturally scawy." Lana is stunned: "No, I don't believe that." Lex says Lana has to ask herself how well she knows Jason Teague. She doesn't know him in the Biblical sense, that's for sure. Last show of the easily Photoshopped Paris photo.

Kent Farm. In the barn, Clark is staring out the window. "Knock knock," says a voice from behind. It's Lois. She complains about Clark's not having a door for privacy. Clark smiles at her and says that, for once, he's relieved to hear her voice. He's completely alone on that. Lois thanks Clark for saving her from the Mississippi River. Lois reveals that she's been punted from the university -- not for the kicking, but for the booze. Lois says it's not the first time she's been invited to the disciplinary board. Gee, thanks for the help getting into college, Lex. Clark is more amused than frustrated with her. Clark asks if she's going back to the barracks. Lois says that her dad, the awesome IRONSIDE!, is taking a tough-love approach. Clark asks where she'll go. With Chloe? Lois complains that Chloe and her dad have a tiny one-bedroom apartment, and that she doesn't want to impose. Guess that witness protection thing didn't work out so well for Gabe and Chloe. Lois goes on a long, not very interesting explanation of how she can sleep in her car, or if that doesn't work out, she can live as a hobo, riding the rails and whatnot, cooking beans on a roadside fire. SLAP! Clark says he guesses Lois can stay with the Kents -- Lois runs to take a hot shower without a word of thanks about the offer. She promises to try to keep her shower under a half-hour. And thanks for offering to contribute to the bills, Lois Lame-o. Clark asks himself, "What just happened?" I'd like to know, too, as I'm sure MamaKent and Bo would.

School. Chloe finds Clark. She tells him she got accepted to Met. U., and she'll be getting some financial aid. "Now I don't actually have to rob banks," she says. Clark congratulates her. She asks Clark to remember her when he's "Everybody's All-American." Clark tells Chloe that he's not going to Met. U. He says that he won't be playing anymore, and that he turned down the athletic scholarship. Chloe can't believe it at first. Clark says he doesn't think football is his calling. Long consideration from Chloe. She tells him she's proud of him. "Why?" Clark asks. Chloe thinks Clark is destined to do more than score touchdowns. Clark says that Chloe's been saying a lot of weird things lately. He asks how she knows he's destined to do anything. "Just a hunch," she says quietly and sweetly.

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