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Big Superman On Campus

After Lois leaves, Clark tells Chloe that he knows they're supposed to ride to Metropolis together, running barn know what's up. Chloe says it's all right and, without showing much teeth, guesses Clark doesn't want to ride with "the common folk." Clark says it's not like that. Given that Clark and Luke are going to be riding in a vehicle bigger than my living room, why not offer Chloe a ride? Maybe she and Luke would hit it off. Chloe says it's fine, and doesn't mention that she's riding with Lois to Metropolis. Chloe mentions to Clark that she's surprised he's taking the football scholarship route. For a momentary bit, I forget that Clark doesn't know that Chloe has learned his secret. He asks why. Chloe says he has an unfair advantage. Clark plays dumber than usual: "What do you mean?" Then I remember their charade and I yawn. Chloe says that Clark has these amazing talents, "uh...on the field." Clark says that's how it is in sports: some people are better than others. Chloe agrees. She tells Clark she doesn't understand as much as she thought she did. Clark starts to have a real conversation, but he's interrupted by Luke, who looks a good foot shorter than Clark and just a hair taller than Chloe. He tells "C.K." that the festivities are about to begin. Yay, festivities. Chloe is left to stand and blink alone. She looks around, waiting for the scene to end.

Lair of Lex. Interesting camera angle from way off to the side and on the floor, as Jason enters through the double doors. Lex says he figures Jason has thought about the job offer. Jason says it wasn't a hard decision to make. Lex mentions that a company car and expense account are included. Jason says he won't work for someone who's made it a mission to break up his relationship with Lana. Well, shit. Guess Jason won't be my butler anytime soon. Lex twiddles his thumbs in thought, and then gets up from his desk. He says he's only concerned about Lana's welfare; it's not Jason he's worried about: "It's your mother." Ooh, Jason, he be talkin' about yo mama! You gonna let him talk about yo mama? Lex asks if Jason didn't find it strange that, when he was a kid, his mom always took him on trips all over the world, to places without running water. "My mother likes to travel," Jason says lamely. Lex says those weren't vacations; they were trips to research a woman burned at the stake four hundred years earlier. Jason evokes the name of the Countess. Lex says it was the Countess whose spirit possessed Lana. Oh, that. I had blocked most of that out. Lex says the fact that it happened right after Jason and Jane Seymour came into Lana's life, well... "That bothers me," says Lex. Jason says he had nothing to do with that, and would never hurt Lana. Lex says that's why he's offering Jason this job. Jason asks what Lex wants him to do. "I have deep pockets," Lex says, as he wipes his mouth and turns his back to Jason. Dude! He wants you to satisfy his whims! Go for it! Lex says that he has vast resources, but no access. Is that some sort of ass metaphor? Is Lex the keymaster? Lex tells Jason that Lana and Jane Seymour are somehow connected to the Countess. He wants Jason to find out everything the two of them know. "You want me to spy on them?" Jason asks. Lex says he doesn't care how Jason gets the information. He steps up close to Jason's face. Lex says he needs an answer. We go out on Jason's jaw twitching.

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