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Big Superman On Campus

The lair of bedroom sorority seduction. The two hot girls bring Clark there. Clark asks if the two girls are roommates. Brunette says her roommate is on the way to the hospital to visit her boyfriend, the paralyzed dude. The very hot girl in the blue top says she's heard Clark not only has a great arm, but very good hands. The other girl leans in to kiss Clark's neck. He jumps back, toward the window. Dammit, Clark! Why do you have to ruin everything?! Why must you deny these girls the blowjobs they obviously want to give? Does it make you happy to deny everyone around you? I can't believe how selfish Clark is in this scene. Pink Top tries to kiss Clark again. He backs even further toward the window and comments on the nice view. I know that Clark is gay, but even gay guys aren't this spastic around hot girls. The girls throw Clark on the bed. Pink Top (not for long) offers a better view. She unzips her top and shows her lacy bra. The other girl starts to unbutton her top. They both descend on Clark with their boobies all akimbo.

Just then, there's a sound from a closet. Clark uses his x-ray vision to check it out. He sees a very annoying skeleton in the closet. He goes to investigate. Clark opens the closet. Lois makes a shushing gesture at him. Clark comically closes the door quickly without acknowledging it. Clark says, unconvincingly, that some sweaters fell. Some noisy, clattery sweaters. Pink Top smiles with one boob hanging out. Clark asks if he can get something to drink. Pink Top goes to fetch it. Blue Top gives Clark seductive looks. Clark asks for something to eat. She saunters off, buttoning her top back up. I've completely lost hope that Clark will ever score on this series. He opens the closet and asks Lois what she's doing there. She says she was going to ask the same, but that it's obvious; she also calls Clark "Hef." Lois tells Clark she was investigating Monique. She reads mockingly from a diary. She gets to the smoking gun. In a diary entry, Monique says that Coop was going to met with a newspaper reporter. It was something about the football team. The sorority girls come back. Clark yells, "Go go go go go go!" to Lois as he pushes her to the closet. Clark has a way with knowing the comings and goings from within closets. The two girls, this time with backup, bring the cake and the lemonade. Together. Fucking GROSS! Just kill him, why don't you? "Would you like a piece of this?" Pink Top asks. "Hi," Clark says roughly, for no really good reason.

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