Red Herring

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Sweet Merciful God, It's Over

As Si walks out, he passes Benton in the hall and pats his shoulder. No one looks at Wallace. He seeks refuge in Hildy's office and asks why she hasn't yet questioned his innocence. When she bites and inquires about whether he did it, Wallace whispers, "I don't know!" He looks frightened. Hildy tells him to quit the booze, which is about as feasible as asking Andy Dick to stop acting insane.

Benton stands alone in the boxing ring. He flashes back to the fight, recalling Ramos's blown kiss to Valerie, her smile for Pablo, her raised eyebrow at Benton. He remembers that Pablo "likes to watch," and hears her say that she would've slept with someone else if she hadn't met Wallace. Falling to his knees, Oliver Platt pleads with God to stop putting him through this television misery. He promises to lay off the Brylcreem in exchange for a bit part on Felicity. God laughs and goes back to building a new boy-band out of Lego.

Strolling through a tunnel in the bowels of the training area, Wallace decides that it's time for guy talk and asks Pablo why he never nailed Valerie. "She flirted; I didn't go for it," Pablo says. "I think with my head." Wallace giggles that Valerie sure did have high expectations for Mexican guys, something that left him with performance anxiety. Pablo stiffens -- no, not like that -- and says that nothing happened. Benton calls him on it, asking if he's referring to no action or no erection. "She never complained," Pablo says softly. Wallace decides to bless us with his opinion. "I think you followed us home, planning to watch, but you had to wait..." "There was nothing to see!" Pablo interjects. "Because it was the twenty-second floor, and that pissed you off," Wallace decides. He implies that Valerie made some cutting remark when she left, sparking Pablo's lethal wrath. Pablo spits that Benton is thinking too much, to which Wally replies that Yacqui Ramos had figured it out, so Pablo juiced him up with a fatal drug overdose. Pablo growls, "Yeah, and you get to die for my sins," and pulls out a knife. "That's not a knife. That's a knife," Crocodile Dundee says, drawing his saber and kicking the shit out of Pablo before fleeing the scene in his new Subaru. God, I wish that wasn't fiction. Actually, Pablo takes an inept swipe at Benton, and Sammy Klein runs out from the tunnel as the mean female cop appears and guns Pablo down. Benton is utterly dazed. Walter, who loves a good shoot-'em-up, trots over there for good measure and asks Wallace if he's okay. Wallace introduces Walter's groin to his knee. Actually, Wally just spits that he's oh-so grateful for Walter's unending support.

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