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Repetitive Super-Injury

Dance music plays inside the Talon theater. The "Be Aggressive" song is playing again. Ack. Reese Lite thanks Pseudo Cliff for working on the lights. They're perfect. He says it's been a weird week. She says she knows that he and the suddenly old kid were friends. "I really miss him," Not-Cliff says. Reese Lite does a seductive circle around Almost-Cliff. She says something about "the others who will live inside me forever," puts her hand on his face, and kisses him. His eyes open wide. He turns to gray age right before our eyes. Life-sucka!

Commercials, another kind of age-sucking madness.

A red truck pulls up to the Fortress of Barnitude. It's Bo. As Bo starts talking about work and chores, Clark tells him there's someone he wants Bo to see. A shrink! At last! Actually, it's Grumpy Gramps, who comes out of the barn in a suit. "Your mother put you up to this?" Bo asks, not taking his eyes off the old man. Clark says it was his idea. Gramps tells Bo not to blame the boy, adding that MamaKent said they needed help, so he's there to give it. Bo says he hasn't seen the guy in twenty years, and now Gramps wants to be part of the family. Gramps says he doesn't want anything; he just doesn't want to stand by and watch his daughter suffer. What about his grandson? Bo says that the guy couldn't resist turning that old knife. "Dad, give him a chance!" Clark exclaims. Clark says they can work it out. "I don't think so, son," Bo says, with his cocky ass-face. Clark says it's just like twenty years ago: same argument, same attitude. Gramps turns into an ass, too, by pointing out that everything he predicted came true. Gramps says that MamaKent made the biggest mistake of her life by marrying Bo Duke. "That's not true, Granddad," Clark interjects helpfully. More back and forth. Gramps calls Bo stubborn and pigheaded. "You get off my land," Bo says. It's not going well. Clark says, "It wasn't supposed to be like this." Bo tells Clark that some things -- like Bo's piss-poor ability to deal with people -- can't change.

Smallville High. Pete asks Clark what's wrong, but for once, Clark doesn't wanna lay out any exposition. Chloe comes up to them and tells them about Near-Cliff and his untimely death. Chloe says the police thought it was some old homeless guy until they found his ID. Chloe says that Lana wanted to cancel Spirit Week. Or at least turn it into a Luby's-style buffet where they could take advantage of the older demographic. Principal Asskick wants the spirit events to go on -- to keep things as normal as possible. Clark sees Reese Lite at her locker, messing with her hair. Chloe and Pete have a look, too. Clark mentions that Reese Lite was with Not-Quite-Cliff the day before, and also with the swim guy before he "went geriatric." Chloe says it's not a smoking gun. Since when does she need convincing about casting suspicion on her fellow student? "It's worth a look," Clark says. Indeed. Clark suggests they do a background check.

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