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Repetitive Super-Injury

Smallville High hallway. Principal Asskick finds Reese Lite and says he left three messages with her parents but never got an answer. She says they've been busy. Asskick says he's been trying to get to know students and parents and suggests he come by that weekend to meet her folks. She says they'll be at the Talon for the spirit party, and that he can meet them then. He says he'll see her there. Uh oh! Old hand! Creepy music plays as Reese Lite sees her hand turn all creepy and wrinkled again.

Chloe's at The Torch. She's looking at a class picture from 1990. Clark walks in. She shows him the photo, which is of a Florida class where three students died of the same aging syndrome. Clark guesses that Reese Lite was involved. Chloe zooms in on a picture of Reese Lite. What school had its yearbook online or even on CD-ROM in 1990? Chloe finds a similar match at a school in 1981. Reese Lite has early-'80s hair! And her picture was online then, too! Chloe can take the internet and digital imaging technology back in time! Chloe says she tracked Reese Lite back to a class of 1921. Clark says Reese Lite is feeding off youth to stay eternally young. Chloe says it takes the Peter Pan Complex to a whole new level. Uh. Yeah. Clark supposes she's going to need another victim, and fast. Chloe moves to call the police. She turns, Clark speeds away and when she looks back to him, he's gone. "Clark?" she asks. He speeds right into some commercials.

The disco ball is back! It's hanging on the Talon stage where Reese Lite stands, looking at the lights and taking in the annoying music that is playing "Be Aggressive" again. Principal Asskick is there and calls out for Reese Lite. She picks up a stage light. She asks what he thinks. "I think you've taken spirit week to a whole new level," he replies. There's that dialogue history repeating itself. He asks about her parents. She tells him that they died over a century ago. "What are you talking about?" he asks. She says she's seen the future and it will be...Oh, wait, that was Prince. She finally comes into the light. She actually doesn't look much older. Just a little chunkier, as if some heavy-duty padding has been added to her face. Still not a lot of wrinkles. "These are the best years of anyone's life," she says. She thunks Principal Asskick in the head with her stage light.

Clark superspeeds into the theaters and walks down the aisle. Pete comes up behind him and says he thought Clark was the band. He says that if they don't show, they're stuck with some MP3s and his boom box. Clark scans the stage, looking for Reese Lite. He x-ray-visions backstage and sees her kneel down next to Principal Asskick in skeletal form. Pete asks what's wrong. Clark tells him to lock the door and not let in anyone else. Clark speeds to the stage, finds Reese, and tells her he knows what's going on. He says she needs help. She turns and looks older than before. Did she suck the old age out of Asskick? "I need him," she says. Who in the what, now? Clark says he won't let her hurt anyone else. She says, "I am saving them, Clark, from lives that are never going to be as happy as they are now." Clark says there's more to life than Spirit Week and cheerleading. That's very insightful of him. She says he's wrong and that he'll never be as young, perfect, or beautiful ever again. She must not know how old he is in real life. She reaches for Clark; he grabs her by both wrists and throws her, right through the big stage banner and onto a table. She gets up. She looks into a revolving mirror cube and we see glimpses of her getting even older and withered. Clark comes to find her. She falls back on the floors and disintegrates, right after turning into a charcoal skeleton. Ashes to ashes, cheer to cheer.

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