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Repetitive Super-Injury

Kent Farm. "More bills?" Clark asks as Bo walks in with some envelopes. Bo says they just keep on coming. MamaKent asks Clark if there's any more fallout from what happened at school. He says spirit week is "kaput." He says the principal will be fine (yay!) and warned Clark about being late as he was taken into the ambulance. Bo says the situation with Gramps is sad. Clark reveals that he went to see Grumpy. He waited this long to give MamaKent the cashier's check. They could have starved by now, Clark. Clark says that he found out Grumpy wanted to get involved in his life after Clark was adopted, but that Bo and MamaKent wouldn't let him see Clark. What? When was this scene? Did we miss something? Bo says it's complicated. And unscripted. Bo says that Clark couldn't control his abilities back then like he can now. They were afraid their secret would spill and they didn't trust Gramps to keep it under wraps. "He's family," Clark says. Clark is sad that Gramps isn't a part of their lives because of Clark. "Every young man wants to have a relationship with his grandpa," Bo says, pulling out the old family platitude almanac. Bo says in Clark's case it may not be possible. Why not? He can control his powers now, can't he? This makes no fucking sense. Clark just accepts their bullshit.

Barn time. Clark is working on his essay again as Lana walks up. He just finished. She asks where he'll be in five years. "In college, studying journalism," he says. Lana says he's kidding. Clark tells her not to tell Chloe, but that it's growing on him. He says he likes to find the truth behind things. He must like graft, too. He says he's tired of having secrets in his life. Uh huh. Lana asks, "Personally?" Clark says he's going to find a way to have a relationship with his grandfather. I think she meant to ask whethher he was personally going to continue to keep secrets. He asks whether everything is okay with her. She says she read Lex's file. Lana says she found out that her parents filed for divorce in 1985, over irreconcilable differences. She says they were legally separated for over a year before they go back together. "So the guy in the picture with your mother..." Clark says. Lana says he could be more than a friend. And that Lana was born right after her parents got back together. "My father could still be alive," she says, as the strummy alt-crap music gets louder. Whoa. Now that's a better Clark/Lana ending than we've seen recently. The camera pans back through the barn window as Clark and Lana stand there awkwardly. The camera pans up and settles on the sky with a full moon hanging high.

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