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Repetitive Super-Injury

Pete comes in and asks why Clark is so worked up. Because he got ASSKICKED! Clark tells the story of that morning. Pete's amazed that Clark is on the bad-boy list. Bad Boy fuh life, yo. Chloe makes fun of Clark's overreaction. Clark says that Asskick'll probably come after The Torch next. Chloe says she did some checking up on Asskick about his views on "the fourth estate." Turns out their principal has been at some fine schools on the East Coast and in Europe, and was supposed to be the new head of the Metropolis Board of Education. But he was dismissed at Excelsior (Excelsior!) and didn't work until he ended up in Smallville. That's a lot of years not to be working. Was he asskicking at McDonald's as a shift manager or something? Clark wonders how he ended up in their town. Chloe assures Clark that just because he ended up there doesn't mean he has some dark, weird past.

Lana is at The Talon. She's digging in a box that has a huge disco ball in it. Because nothing says fun like a disco ball! My God, Lana is the least fun person in the world. She's one of those girls you'd take to an amusement park and she wouldn't want to get any rides and she wouldn't take a bite of your turkey leg because she's be afraid of getting all messy and when you asked her to play Tekken 4 with you at the arcade she'd be all, "No, that's okay, I'll just watch." GAAAAWWDDD! I hate that! Clark walks in and says he came to see if she needed a hand. Lana says she thought Clark was helping his mom all afternoon. Clark picks up the disco box and says his mom's been secretive the last few days. Ew...she's secreting? Lana says, "A Kent, secretive? That's shocking!" Clark says it must have something to do with his grandpa. He says he's only ever seen pictures of the guy from twenty years ago, and that he's a big corporate-lawyer type in Metropolis. As Clark carries the box, disco reflections get all over him, painting him in what looks like his natural habitat. Clark says Grandpa retired to Coast City. When Clark was in the sixth grade, he was going to call the guy. He left a bunch of messages, but got no callback. "Guess he just wasn't interested," Clark says sadly. Lana says she always imagined the Kents as the perfect family. Clark says they're as dysfunctional as anyone else. Clark says he never pressured his parents for the whole story. "Maybe you didn't want to know," Lana says. Clark says maybe it's easier to deal with the image than the truth. Maybe we should end this lame conversation and move on. Lana brings up her own secrets from the past. Because it's all about her. 24/7. All Lana, all the time. Clark says this is Lana's chance to get some answers. She looks like she's just been told she failed her driver's license exam. Nell is suddenly shown standing behind Lana in a strange white top with her hands on her hips. That Nell. She sure is a nasty girl. Lana nods to Clark.

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