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Repetitive Super-Injury

"Lana! The place looks fantastic!" Nell says, after Clark leaves. Lana shows Nell the pictures. "Do you know who he is?" Lana asks. Nell says it must be one of her mom's old boyfriends. One of hundreds? Lana says the photos are from when her parents were married, the year before she was born. So Lana is still sixteen, then. Nell says that Lana's mother loved Lana and her father more than anything in the world. She says mom never would have done anything to hurt either of them. That's it. No explanation. Commercials.

Is it just me, or do those Trivial Pursuit ads seem a little smug and condescending? Like, who are they to make fun of Kato Kaelin? They're fucking Trivial Pursuit. They're one step removed from Boggle.

Kent Farm. A light purple sedan shows up. Who ordered the pimpmobile? A thicker, more heavy-set Jason Robards type gets out and greets MamaKent. It's Grumpy Gramps. MamaKent says she appreciates his making the trip. They hug a little awkwardly as orchestral music plays. Grumpy says he was surprised by her call, and that it must have taken a lot for Bo Duke to take money from him. MamaKent says that Bo doesn't know about the call. Grumpy looks around. He says he imagined the farm differently, but he didn't want this life for her. She had so much potential, top ten in her class, blah blah blah, lawschoolcakes. MamaKent says she never wanted to be a lawyer. Why defend the weak or prosecute criminals when you could be baking muffins? Grumpy won't let it go. He says it's the life Bo Duke chose, and that MamaKent just went along for the ride. Have you ridden in the General Lee, Gramps? No young woman can resist. MamaKent says it's not about Bo. She says Gramps raised an independent daughter, and now he's mad because that's what he got. Gramps says she's going behind he husband's back to ask for money. Just then, Clark walks up. "What's up?" he says. Clark and Gramps regard each other. "Pleased to meet you, sir," Clark says, shaking the man's hand. All he gets is a "Hello, Clark." Grumpy says he'll be at the hotel. He says he'll have a check for MamaKent the next morning. Clark asks if Grumpy can stay with them. Grumpy says that's probably not a good idea. "Dinner?" MamaKent shakes her head. Clark suggests one meal as a family. Grumpy declines and exits. MamaKent goes inside. Clark is sad. It's not exactly a new emotion.

Bo Duke is out fixing a tractor. He says he doesn't care if MamaKent talks to her dad, but that he doesn't want to take the guy's money. MamaKent asks whether she was supposed to wait till the bank forecloses on the farm. The cows perk up. Bo says he wished he'd heard about it first. Clark butts in, but Bo tells him he doesn't have to get in the middle of it. Clark calls Bo on his Salt of the Earth card, asking why they can't just get along. Clark asks whether what happened that was so bad. "It can't be any worse than what's in the storm cellar," he says. Dead silence. "Or can it?" Bo says that when he wanted to ask MamaKent to get married, he went to Gramps's office to ask for her hand. He was going to marry her one body part at a time. The response? "I will not let my daughter throw her life away by marrying some hick farmer that couldn't possibly support her." Ha! Even the cows are giggling. Clark says that's harsh. MamaKent explains that that's how corporate lawyers deal with people. That's why they get killed in pitchfork melees so often. Bo says Gramps tried to shove Bo out of his office. "I hit him," Bo says. Bo says he's not proud and tried to apologize. Remember, it was a different time. This was back when Boss Hogg ruled the political scene. Bo says they haven't said a word to each other since. Clark tries reasoning. Bo says Gramps isn't there to make peace; he's there to gloat. Bo tosses a roll of black tape to Clark for no good reason. MamaKent is sad again.

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