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Everybody Apologize

Hadley's non-contact with Valerie lasts all of five seconds before she gets a phone call that sends her storming back into Valerie's room, where Chase appears to be getting ready to smother her with a pillow. Hadley angrily accuses Valerie of calling the medical board and reporting her for sexual harassment. Ha ha ha! And way to let the psychopath see how her actions affect you, Hadley. That's exactly what she wants. Hadley's yelling and carrying on attracts the attention of Foreman, who angrily orders her to leave Valerie's room immediately, much to Valerie's delight. This is just too easy for her.

Foreman tells Hadley that she's being an "idiot" by screaming at Valerie. True. He points out that an anonymous report to the medical board will ultimately be found baseless and go away, and even if Valerie used her real name when she reported Hadley, her co-workers will back her up and it will still go away. "You're completely overreacting," Foreman says. Hadley says Foreman would be just as angry if this happened to him. "Or maybe not. You're just about as emotional as she is." Foreman shows that he can get angry by firing back that he's trying to help Hadley so there's no need to take it out on him. "Even when you try to do something nice, you sound like a jerk," Hadley says. This is also true. "I'm sorry," Foreman says, his voice sounding slightly emotional although he keeps that same bored expression on his face. But still -- REMORSE. Hadley does not want his apology for firing her right now, though. But he continues that he fired her for himself and not for her. He says he realized it right after he fired her but obviously couldn't admit to her until now. "I screwed everything up. I hope that we can still work together." Hadley had better hope so too, or else she'll probably get fired again. I just don't understand why Foreman's job was so important to him that he had to fire her and yet not more important than Hadley when he switched those trial drugs. With that, Foreman is paged. Not Hadley, though, because she's not allowed anywhere near Valerie.

Not like Valerie is conscious enough to care right now, though -- she's being wheeled to the OR to take care of a sudden liver problem that has caused her to vomit blood. Foreman says this rules out cancer (good thing they gave her radiation therapy that she didn't need. OOPS!), but now they can only hope her liver lasts long enough to figure out what's really wrong. Foreman needs Ugly Husband's permission to bypass the blood flow to Valerie's liver to stop the bleeding. But that operation comes with its own set of risks, namely that if the blood flow to the liver is bypassed, the liver won't be able to do its job and filter out toxins. If the liver isn't bypassed, the bleeding will "probably" kill Valerie before those toxins will. Ugly Husband frets and doesn't want to make any important decisions, as those were always left to his psycho wife. He begs Foreman to tell him if Valerie was cheating on him or not before he decides. Foreman's silence on the matter tells him everything. Ugly Husband leaves the decision-making up to Foreman with a "do whatever you think is right." Well, at least he didn't tell Chase to do that. Then his wife would surely be dead.

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