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Everybody Apologize

After the operation, Valerie has one or two days to live, according to Chase in the meeting room. Also, her husband is planning on staying with her while she's sick but leaving her when she's better due to her cheating ways. Diagnoses are shot around and shot down until Taub comes up with primary hepatic fibrosis, which House says is their "best guess." Yes, well, so was lymphoma and we all saw how that worked out, didn't we? Meanwhile, Valerie will need a new liver. But the Evil Transplant Committee won't even put her on the list without a confirmed diagnosis and Hadley has decided that no one in her immediate family will give part of his. Just because you figured out she was a psychopath doesn't mean Valerie's family has, Hadley. "Man, one false accusation from a psychopath and you turn out to be a real bummer," House says. He decides to go to one known reliable source of live donation livers: Wilson.

In the end, it's Wilson who comes to see House, who is busy writing out a check to pay off part of Wibberly's mortgage. Ah yes, the five thousand dollar check that says "I feel REMORSE" and "I'm not a psychopath" at the same time. That may well be what House wrote in the memo space, in fact. Wilson has a hard time believing this, especially since Cuddy is still hanging around sulking about her ruined picture without so much as an apology from House. He thinks it's because House has a harder time dealing with people who actually mean something to him than strangers he fucked over twenty years ago who can simply be bought off. House says he'll apologize to Cuddy if it'll get Wilson off his back, but it won't be that easy, of course. Wilson is in full psychoanalysis mode and says House has more to make up to Cuddy than just a photo -- "she was in love with you and all she got in return was abuse. For years." Well, that's kind of her fault too, isn't it? Cuddy is an adult and she could have pulled herself out of that situation. Instead, she chose to hire House and keep him in her life. Same goes for you, Wilson. You chose to live with the guy. House decides to pretend to work so he won't have to listen to Wilson anymore, and then does some awesome fake typing on his computer keyboard.

Hadley's hanging out outside Valerie's room because she just can't stay away. She sees a tearful woman leaving and just can't help but chase her down to ask who she is. Why, it's Valerie's sister, Sarah! Hadley walks right on up to her to ask why she'd bother to visit her only sister, let alone consider donating part of her liver to her. Um, because she loves her? Jeez. Not all of us can just stop caring about people who can't love us in return like you did when your mom got sick, Hadley. Also, mind your own damn business! How rude. "You know what she's like," Hadley says. Maybe she doesn't. It's certainly not your job to tell her, even though this conversation is necessary to figure out Valerie's true diagnosis. "She's not that bad," Sarah says. "Yes, she is," Hadley says. Um, Sarah's known Valerie for 27 years and you've known her for like 2.7 days, Hadley, so shut up. Sarah says when she and Valerie were kids, Valerie defended her older sister to their mean drunk father. Eventually, she became the cold and unfeeling person Hadley knows today, probably because she bore the brunt of her father's anger. So Sarah feels guilty about the way her sister is now and can't quite let her go. Because of REMORSE. Also, OOPS! Hadley was wrong about Valerie after all.

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