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Everybody Apologize

House delivers the check to Wibberly personally. Wibberly refuses to accept it, finally admitting that he got an A+ with House's paper and finished med school after all, becoming an orthopedic surgeon at Mercy, the hospital that fired Foreman. Mercy also fired Wibberly when he overbilled a few Medicare patients in order to get some extra money to fuel his gambling problem. Wibberly should have gotten a job at PPTH. They don't fire anyone for anything. Well, except Hadley that one time. And Chase. But it didn't last! Wibberly was hoping to score some money off of House and not feel bad about it, saying he thought House would be "the same bastard" he was in med school. But if he really thought that, why would he think House would be guilt-able for any money? Anyway, now that House has proven to be a Good Person after all, Wibberly can't take his money. "Keep it," House says. And then they get into a fight over who feels more guilty about the $5,000, House or Wibberly. In the end, House leaves with the check. I'm just surprised that this wasn't a big set-up by Wilson.

Back at PPTH, the chelation is working. Not enough to fix Valerie's liver, but now she'll get on the transplant list. Great. I hope if I die and my organs are donated, those organs all go to horrible people. Ugly Husband is thrilled and offers to take Valerie on a nice, long vacation where they can relax on the beach together. "You're pathetic," Valerie says; "how can you be this pitiful?" She has a point, though. Ugly Husband really needs to work on his self-esteem. Ugly Husband tries to give Valerie a way out, saying she doesn't mean what she's saying right now because she's sick. Valerie says this near-death experience has only focused her mind on what's really important to her. And clearly, that isn't Ugly Husband. Or his money. He finally gets the hint and leaves. "Why'd you do that?" Hadley asks. Um, why are in her room, Hadley? Weren't you banned or something? "He hasn't changed. But you have," Hadley continues. Yes, it's true! Valerie is slightly less of a psychopath. Now she hurts people for their own good. "You're feeling something! What is it? What do you feel?" Hadley asks. Apparently, her medical degree extends to psychiatry now. Why can't she just leave the psychopath she doesn't like and isn't allowed near alone already? "I don't know," Valerie says, her eyes full of tears; "but it hurts." Oh come on. It's not like she's never had feelings before. Surely she remembers what they felt like from before Wilson's disease hit. "It will," Hadley says. Yeah, isn't it fun having feelings, Valerie? Now you can feel terrible about all the people you screwed over because no one bothered to diagnose your illness for like 15 years.

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