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Everybody Apologize

Valerie's heart test has concluded and while they did find an arrhythmia, the source of it wasn't what they were expecting, so they're still at a loss. As they wheel Valerie into her room, they see she has a surprise guest -- it's Russ! He's sitting in a chair in the corner looking very creepy. Ugly Husband goes to shake his hand and thank him for stopping by, but Russ keeps his right hand shoved in his trench coat pocket and says he has a lot of free time for hospital visits, as he has apparently been fired. Valerie immediately says that wasn't her fault, since Russ is the one who got drunk in front of their boss. Russ says he's drunk now, but he wasn't before -- then, he got the distinct impression someone poisoned him. Oooh, too bad he didn't say something instead of acting really drunk. Hadley gives Taub an obvious "go get security!" nod, not like they're going to do anything. They let a drunk guy with a suspicious trench coat and something in his right pocket into a patient's room, didn't they? And then just let him wait there for her to show up for a confrontation. PPTH Security strikes again! Russ staggers up to Valerie and says he just wants to say good-bye, and bends over to kiss her, at which point both Ugly Husband and Hadley intervene. It could have been worse, though -- he didn't have anything in his pocket after all, and I really thought there would be a gun in there. He certainly was acting like it. Russ says Valerie doesn't love Ugly Husband any more than she loved Russ, which apparently Russ still doesn't mind since he tried to make out with her anyway. Ugly (and kind of dim) Husband slowly asks if Russ is "pretending" he had an affair with Valerie. Russ says he isn't pretending. Valerie defends herself by telling everyone that Russ's "paranoid tendencies" got him committed to a mental hospital just six months ago. Probably the same one House was in, since he clearly hasn't gotten any better. Twenty minutes later, PPTH security arrives to take Russ away. He goes willingly, but points a finger-gun at Valerie and fires on his way out. And after all that, we'll never see him again.

Valerie sniffles and gasps an "oh my god!" as Ugly Husband tends to her. Taub promises that Russ won't be allowed back into PPTH (unless he takes the well-marked "secret" un-guarded entrance that all the other crazy PPTH shooters seem to take), but Valerie's only concern is that Ugly Husband doesn't believe that she had an affair with Russ. He trusts her, but Hadley seems to have her doubts. At least, I think that's her "doubtful" face. It could be her worried face. Or her happy face. It's hard to tell with the inscrutable Ms. Remy B. Hadley.

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