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Everybody Apologize

In the hall, Hadley doesn't think that Valerie's psychopathy is a symptom, especially since she's had it her entire life and the heart stuff only happened recently. She and House argue about it until Foreman suggests tertiary syphilis as a diagnosis that fits both symptoms. Hadley storms off as Foreman gets in the elevator with House and demands that he discipline Hadley for flouting both her actual boss and her fake boss's orders and giving Valerie the MRI that ended up being really important to the case. House says if Foreman feels that strongly about it, he can punish Hadley. Foreman says he can't because of their relationship, but House thinks it's really because Foreman doesn't want to deal with the fact that he ultimately cared more about his job than his girlfriend and fired her. "Your problem, not mine," House says.

So he got rid of one problem, but there's another waiting for him: Cuddy, who is not happy with House's photo manipulations. She says House ruined her only copy of that photo. "That rare daguerreotype," House says. I can never lose faith in this show when it has lines like that. Daguerreotype! Genius. He figures Cuddy can just pop into iPhoto and print out a new copy. But Cuddy says she's not talking about the photo of her with Lucas: she's talking about the photo of her with the photoshopped chimp, which she says is from Ecuador. Which chimps, as Old World apes, are not native to. House says something about Cuddy's "deep emotional attachment to lemurs." If that was a lemur Cuddy was holding in the picture, then it makes even less sense that it would be in Ecuador with a chimp, because lemurs are Old World monkeys and only live in the wild on Madagascar. Did Cuddy break into some Ecuadorian zoo? And then grab a lemur and bring it with her to a chimp enclosure and pose for a picture? Because it's not like you're going to see those two species associating together like that in the wild. Or that you should pick up a wild monkey in the first place. Or go anywhere near a wild chimp. Or even a tame one, honestly. Anyway, she says that her father took the picture of her in Ecuador during the last trip they took together before he died. Which was apparently before the advent of digital cameras. And negatives. So yes, it was the only copy Cuddy has of that photo. OOPS! REMORSE flashes across House's face but he just makes a sarcastic comment and takes off. And while House sucks for destroying Cuddy's possessions, she kind of sucks for assigning that much sentimental value to A PICTURE OF HERSELF. Her dad isn't even in the picture! If only he took pictures like my dad, who is always in the photo no matter what because his thumb is in the frame.

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