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Everybody Apologize

After the commercial, the Cottages and House return to the meeting room. House says Valerie called Cuddy, who apparently has free time to take calls from patients, to demand that Hadley be taken off her case for breaking her arm and stuff. House says he backed Hadley up to Cuddy because he has faith in her. This is clearly a load of bullshit, but Hadley is too freaked out by her amazing arm-breaking superpowers to notice and just says "thanks" sincerely. Taub, on the other hand, takes one look at Valerie's latest test results and notes that she's in kidney failure, thus causing her to have brittle bones. So Hadley isn't a superhero after all. But how freaking bad does kidney failure have to be to make someone's bones that brittle? And for how long? And no one noticed this before? Maybe Cuddy should have taken Hadley off the case. And House and the other Cottages. Kidney failure isn't exactly hard to detect.

House says they can now rule out psychopathy as a symptom, since syphilis was the only possible diagnosis that incorporated it and kidney failure rules it out. Foreman suggests lymphoma, and House tells the Cottages to immediately start Valerie on radiation. Hadley doesn't think they should do that without testing Valerie's urine to prove Foreman's theory, but her failing kidneys mean she has no urine to test, as Foreman makes sure to point out in the most sarcastic way possible. Bickering ensues until House interrupts to send everyone out of the room who hasn't slept with someone else in the room. Chase happily takes off, but Taub stays behind. Upon the questioning stares, he looks at Hadley and says "oh, sorry. That was our secret. Right." I love him. But he leaves the room so we have to suffer through more Hadley/Foreman drama as House tells them to either sleep together, fight, or quit.

Apparently they don't do any of those things, as we then cut to Valerie being wheeled off to radiation as Hadley stays behind with Ugly Husband, who is very worried. For some reason, he thinks they're jumping into this radiation treatment just a little early and asks if they truly ruled out everything else. Hadley nods, then has an idea of a great way to make a psychopath angry at her, which is a really good idea. She says they haven't ruled out environmental causes, and will need to know where Valerie told Ugly Husband she was like oh, say, every Thursday night. While Valerie was actually having sex with Russ, she told her husband she was at a landscaping class at the local Y. Hadley says a landscaping class could certainly expose Valerie to toxins and orders Ugly Husband to go find out everything he can about Valerie's landscaping class. Like how it doesn't exist.

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