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R.I.P., Amanda Clarke

In his office at Grayson Global, Dan looks over news on his laptop of Stonehaven posting a 26% return on investment and then at news clippings about the funerals of Flight 197 victims. Conscience weighing on you much, Danny? Daniel's secretary, Grace, buzzes to let Daniel know Mr. Trask is on the phone to talk about taking over as liaison for Helen's investment group. Dan plays dumb about Helen's disappearance and looks over at the clock he knows is filming him while Trask orders him to complete some recommended transactions on his behalf. They hang up and Dan goes to pour himself a drink. Aiden waltzes into the room and wastes no time asking for another opportunity at being on the board of directors. Dan's resistant to the idea even after Aiden points out his assistance in landing Nolcorp. The poor man's James Bond remains undeterred. He casually mentions Grayson Global's investment in Stonehaven and takes credit for dissuading Prosser so Dan could close the deal. It was all part of his plan to set himself up to be in on that investment through Grayson Global when he'd get another opportunity at the board, he says. The rusty gears turn slowly in Daniel's head as he weighs Aiden's proposal that they test the limits of the sky together.

Slowly, Ems steps into the bedroom of her deceased namesake at the Stowaway. She pauses a moment to caress one of Amily's dresses before flinging open a closet door. Trask's face reflects in the door's mirror. To Emanda's credit, she does not scream out, "Ahh! Goblin!" They ask each other what they're both doing there, Ems finding clothes for Jack and Trask posing as someone investigating Amily's disappearance. Trask's phone rings and someone on the other end informs him they've found Ams' body. He breaks the news to Emanda, adding that Amily's family is on the way to identify the body -- "family" meaning Charlotte. Ems' face shows concern for her half-sister.

Walking through the foyer at Grayson Manor and inspecting a ledger, Conrad stops in his tracks when Ashley calls out from behind his office desk (because she has to be somewhere, right?), "Did you kill Amanda Clarke?" Conrad genuinely looks affected by this accusation. He denies it, of course, but Ash sees through Conrad's recent gambit to announce his gubernatorial candidacy early so he could have an alibi. He's OK with Ashley pointing fingers because he can just remind her that the deal with Nate Ryan was all her idea. Despite that, Ash thinks Amily's death was a tragedy. Yeah, that's nice, Ashley. Go schedule a press conference so Conrad can get media adoration from that tragedy and try not to sleep with anyone for social gain on the way out.

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