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R.I.P., Amanda Clarke

In an entirely too brief and fleeting moment reminiscent of past glories, Nolan sniffs a muffin in the waiting lounge at the hospital and puts it back. Padma's arrived, and she looks very upset. She's received a voicemail from Trask reminding her that she's approaching her deadline to save her father. Nolan asks for time to verify that it was in fact her father's finger the Initiative sent her in the mail, and for the opportunity to get a better sense of whether he's still alive. He'll interface with Immigration to get her dad's fingerprint and then use Helen's phone number to try and figure out her last whereabouts. Padma begs Nolan to hurry, plants a pained kiss on his cheek and leaves.

Outside, Ems walks and talks on the phone with Nolan. Jack's still unconscious, but the good news is Nolan has all but proven the Graysons were behind Helen's death. He's pinpointed the last two locations of Helen's phone as Grayson Manor and then the Stowaway. It all makes sense now that the Graysons murdered her and then framed Amily. The only question now is where the evidence laptop ended up. Ems will have to ponder that later because she's arrived at the medical examiner. She finds Victoria pacing inside; Charlotte's already in the morgue identifying the body. Ems senses weakness in Victoria and picks at it. She muses about how difficult it must be to be helpless to help during a moment that's sure to affect Charlotte so deeply. Victoria doesn't get a chance to respond to that because Charlie comes running out of the room in tears. Ems watches mother and daughter embrace and practically drools now that she sees how vulnerable Charlotte makes the Queen. She's seeing the revenge equivalent of two cartoon glazed hams right now where Victoria and Charlotte should be.


Daniel's milling about Nolan's office at Nolcorp. It's not exactly what Nolan wants to see when he's got a million awful things on his mind and shit to get done. He says as much to Daniel, but that doesn't stop Dan from demanding to know why Nolan never completed the report he requested about Nolcorp's R&D. If Nolan has done anything but destroy Carrion, Daniel will sue him into oblivion. Daniel demands to get some acknowledgement from Nolan that they are clear on this. Nolan: "Control, alt, delete." Little does Daniel know, that simply means Nolan will probably close some processes running in the background and then reboot.

At Grayson Manor, Charlotte watches over baby Carl, who's sleeping in his crib. Victoria comes in the room to check on her daughter. It's not enough to assure Charlotte that Carl doesn't know what's happening because she is already thinking about the moment when this little boy will realize his mother was taken from him. To make matters worse, Charlotte has given much thought to just how small Amily's funeral will be. Nobody from outside of Montauk will be coming. Victoria, knowing the can of worms that could be opened by digging into Amily's past, advises Charlotte to resist the urge to dig into a past Ams intentionally left behind. The mother-daughter moment gets cut short by an urgent text from Daniel to Victoria asking her to meet him downtown. Charlotte immediately goes against her mother's advice and begins searching on her laptop for info on Amily's foster family. She finds an article about the foster home that was burned down and pauses on a photo of a surly little Amanda sitting with some other children. Charlotte notes the names in the photo caption and searches the name Eli James.

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