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R.I.P., Amanda Clarke

While Nolan plugs away at his office computer trying to get into Immigration's database, he takes a phone call from Ems. She's made no progress tracking down the laptop. Nolan's seen no activity on his end either that suggests someone's turned on the computer, but he can report that Daniel's allegiance to his parents and the Initiative is dissolving because of his request for the destruction of Carrion. Nolan's tone in this whole conversation is resignation to being a pawn in everyone else's game. He's simply going through the motions at this point. Ems invites him to go see Jack at the hospital as Aiden arrives at Casa Emily, ending the conversation. Emanda shares the news that Amily's body has been identified and Charlotte is devastated. She also works through her realization aloud that Victoria's children are her weakness. She asks rhetorically how she's gotten so far off track. It's a valid question, Emanda. She gets a phone call from Declan about Jack regaining consciousness. Ems is about to leave Aiden in her dust in response to this news, but he snags her in an embrace and she sort of melts into it, all the tension and stress melting away.

Jack comes to with Ems and Declan standing in his hospital room doorway. He calls out to them immediately, Dec rushing to go kneel beside his brother's bed so he can hold his hand. Before anyone can say anything, Jack asks for Amily. Silence. Jack turns to Ems for answers. She tells him that Ams is gone. This is a million times worse than Sammy's death. For Jack, I mean. I loved that dog. Jack convulses with grief. Always with impeccable punctuality, Conrad appears in the doorway as Jack is mid-breakdown and offers his condolences, oblivious to his bad timing. Emanda hisses at Conrad that he should come back later. Jack composes himself, sits up determined in his bed and asks to talk to Conrad alone.


Now alone in Jack's hospital room, Conrad continues giving his condolences, but Jack cuts him off. He's been informed that Conrad has insisted on paying his hospital bills. It's taking every ounce of Jack's restraint to thank Conrad for the generous offer and accept it with the knowledge he gained on the boat that the Graysons were responsible for everything that happened to Amily. Jack lets only a couple tears roll down his cheek as he tells Conrad that he doesn't know how he can repay him. Conrad leaves the room, but not before stopping to tell Ems and Declan that he doesn't think they'll ever know exactly what happened on that boat. He asks Dec to come sign some hospital documents as Nolan arrives. Ems and Nolan have to rush into Jack's room because he's now trying to disconnect himself from monitors so he can leave. Jack comes clean about everything he knows about the Graysons framing David Clarke and reveals that Ams had hidden the evidence laptop. Emanda and Nolan do a good job of pretending this is all news to them, and ask Jack to hang on for a little while until they can prepare the Stowaway for his care.

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