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R.I.P., Amanda Clarke

At an upscale Manhattan bar, Victoria and her son sit at the counter together to have a drink and discuss business/terrorism. Daniel has uncovered that Grayson Global owns controlling stake in the manufacturing company for airport security in every major airport in the world. He's through being a part of all of this blood money. I feel as though he's said that a few times before, no? Victoria cautions him not to raise any red flags with the Initiative right now. They can approach it more strategically later. Feigning wisdom beyond her years, Victoria postulates that she wouldn't be surprised if Dan has already been greeted by somebody new from the Initiative who replaced Helen. Dan admits it, and adds that he was met by Aiden as well. They suspect he could be part of the Initiative now, but he could also be an ally. The only way to find out is for Daniel to have Aiden perform the transactions requested by Trask. If he's one of them, he wouldn't get his hands dirty like that. Victoria says that Aiden will have their trust if he passes this simple test.

Jack's bedroom at the Stowaway has been turned into a makeshift hospital room. Ems waits on him and he thanks her for doing all of this, but he has a favor to ask. He wants Emanda to give the eulogy at Amily's funeral. This sideswipes her a bit. How often to you get the opportunity to give a eulogy at what amounts to your own funeral? Jack says he'd do it himself, but after all of the revelations on the boat, he's not sure he even really knew his wife. Ems comforts him by saying that there's no doubt Ams adored him and that there's evidence all around the room that this was the truth. Jack looks over to the nearby nightstand where there's a framed photo and a glass jar full of the blue sea glass they supposedly collected together as children. Jack asks if Emanda can give him a moment alone. He takes the framed family photo of him, Amily and Carl up in one hand and then the jar of sea glass in the other. Jack becomes gripped with emotion, smashing the glass jar on the floor. Sitting there in all the glass is a small key on a keychain for a nautical locker. Jack picks it up and thinks really hard about what that means.


Ems checks up on Charlotte in her bedroom at Grayson Manor. She's still on her laptop, researching Amily's past and lamenting that no one will be coming to her funeral. Emanda assures her that everyone who mattered to Ams will be there and starts to leave, but not before Charlotte tells her that Amily was lucky to have a friend like her. After Ems walks out, an instant message pops up on Charlotte's screen from a social networking site called (not an Easter egg, so don't try going there). The message is from Eli James, asking if Charlotte's still looking for Ams' foster brother. That would be him.

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