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Probst addresses Rob to try to get a coherent answer, and the audience goes wild. But then Probst asks this stupid question he's been obsessed with since this season started, which is how awesome would things have been if Rob and Li'l Russell had worked together instead of apart. Rob says "pretty good," then says that he thinks Li'l Russell is trying to say that he doesn't play this game to win. "He plays a good game to get to the end, but he doesn't play a game to win the game." I think Li'l Russell thinks he's playing to win, but everyone else knows he's a great person to take to the end and beat because everyone hates him so much. Rob says that he plays the game to win, so that's where they differ. Li'l Russell turns to Rob and asks him when his playing this game to win has resulted in an actual win. Rob admits it hasn't, but if he had a chance to play again, he'd do it just to kick Li'l Russell's ass. The audience goes wild, Probst is in heaven, and Li'l Russell stands up to shake Rob's hand for some reason. Rob actually refuses to touch him, which is both awesome and petty at the same time. Probst threatens that a "Rob vs. Russell" season could happen in the future. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Probst then remembers that he has to speak to some of the other contestants, so he brings up some "dumb moves" that were made this season, starting with Tyson changing his vote to Parvati and getting himself voted out, screwing over his entire alliance, and sticking us with Li'l Russell for the rest of the season, for which I shall forever hate Tyson. Tyson says he made a risky move. Probst asks if it was "risky" or "dumb." You know what was dumb? Putting Tyson on this season in the first place when there were so many other former contestants who did better than him in their original seasons that I would have much preferred to watch. Tyson says he was gunning for Parvati because half the people she'd played with before were on this season, and he knew Li'l Russell wasn't a threat because everyone hated him. He knew Li'l Russell had the idol and could give it to Parvati, but thought it was worth the risk. Probst is bored with all this behind-the-scenes insight that we could have gotten on the show if they hadn't edited everyone and everything out except Li'l Russell, so he moves on to J.T. and his "dumb move." Probst says he thought it was a "pretty decent strategic idea" and would have been brilliant if he was right about the Villains having an all-female alliance. J.T. says he doesn't regret what he did, because he thought that if he didn't do something, he was going home soon, regardless of whether or not he had the idol. He says that all the people he was "hoping" to play this game with (Coach, Tyson, Courtney and Rob) had been voted out at this point (not Courtney, actually, but whatever) and for some reason, he "knew" he couldn't play with Parvati, so he tried to "reach out" to somebody and ultimately chose the wrong person.

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