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Probst then reads off a bunch of statistics from 20 seasons of Survivor: 306 episodes, 15 countries, "over 300" contestants (way to not get an exact number), over 500 challenges, and 11 male winners and 9 female winners with an average age of 32. So they've created a Survivor prototype, by which they mean they did an "if they mated" for all 20 contestants and put them all together into one picture of a weird-looking guy who Probst says should consider applying for the next season of Survivor. That was stupid and wasted time we could have spent watching THE DRAGONZ perform. Probst takes us out to the break with a little remembrance montage for Jenn Lyon from the Palau season, who died earlier this year. She was just 37. Very sad. And the fact that they devoted about three seconds to this is pretty disgusting. She's the first contestant on this show to die, and at such a tragically young age. She really deserved better. And right after the "in memory" card fades out, I have to watch something congratulating Li'l Russell on winning Player of the Season, like, IS NOTHING SACRED?

After the break, we get a preview of next season's location: Nicaragua. This show is so cheap now that they're actually filming the next two seasons there. And they're spending more time on this preview than they did on the Jenn Lyon tribute. They could always donate the proceeds to this season's charity auction to the breast cancer charity she raised money for, but no, that'll go to Probst's charity. So, as per usual, the reunion show tells us nothing new and doesn't give nearly enough time to most of the players, especially Jenn. See you next season in Nicaragua for more of the same, but hopefully with fewer horrible little bald men!

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