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Bully For Lex!

Commercials. It's Texas, so I'm treated to more truck commercials and a commercial for a gun show. Awesome.

The same anonymous hospital. Clark, holding a piece of paper in his hand lest his brain forget how to walk, is wandering down a hallway. "Smallville?" someone says off-screen. It's Lois. Clark asks what she's doing there. Lois says that she's following a lead; she checked on Duncan's mother. That's surprising to Clark, who says that she's dead. Lois calls Clark "Sherlock" and says that she dug through the mother's phone records. She was placing a call every day to this place. Clark says she was checking in on her son. Lois thought that Duncan was dead. Yet, here she is. "I think he's in this room," Clark says, holding up the paper. Lois asks how he knows all this. He says Lois isn't the only one with hunches. There's the guy from Notre Dame, for instance. Lois grabs the paper and says, "Nice work," rushing ahead of Clark to get there first. "Lois," he says. He nods toward the door she just walked past. Clark reaches for the doorknob. Lois reaches faster. "Uh uh," she says, "It's my story. I don't share bylines." Wow. Asshole. Lois sees the door is locked. She decides to go "Flirt us up a set of keys." Nice. Clark reaches and cracks the knob open. He tells Lois it must have been stuck. She walks back, saying, "Ladies first." Clark agrees and walks in first.

Clock tower at night. Oliver is at his desk. A woman on his intercom tells him that someone has arrived. Lex comes in through the industrial freight elevator. "Lex, I was wondering how long it was gonna take you to pop up." If Oliver was looking in Lex's direction, who knows how this week's Gayest Look of the Episode election might have turned out. Lex says he's been busy. At the hospital. Oliver says he heard about Lana and asks whether she's all right. "Not that you care," Lex says. Oliver insists that he does care. He cares that a nice girl like that ended up with a guy like Lex. Ouch. Lex steps forward, pissed. Lex says that ever since Oliver came to Metropolis, he's been kidnapped, his life's been put in jeopardy, and the woman he loves is in the hospital. Oliver says, "And you think that's my fault. Sounds to me more like bad karma." Lex tells Oliver to go back to Star City while he still can.

As Lex turns away, Oliver says, "I've seen that look before." Oliver says that he saw it when Lex almost beat his only friend to death. Lex turns, even angrier. He punches Oliver with a left hook. That smarts! Oliver wipes blood off his lip. He says that one was free, but the next one's going to cost Lex. Lex swings again. Oliver grabs Lex by the arm and throws him across a hard, round metal coffee table. Lex hits the floor hard. Oliver says, "Poor little Lex. Always blaming everyone else for all his problems." Damn! Lex says, "Only when they're the cause." He swings wildly. Oliver ducks and punches Lex in the midsection. Then in the face. Oliver throws Lex across the room again. Oliver snarks that Lex never took responsibility for what happened to Duncan. "Like your hands were clean," Lex says. Oliver says that it's not even close, but since then he's been scrubbing those hands really hard. He says Lex's just keep getting dirtier. Don't be talkin' 'bout my hygiene! Lex is about to attack again, but the windows nearby are starting to rattle. Oliver and Lex stare. Oliver grabs Lex and they both dive. The windows shatter. Oliver crawls to Lex. He seems unconscious. The doors to Oliver's secret room swing open. Oliver is horrified. The walls shake. An arrow hovers in the air. It points at Oliver. The thing fires at his shoulder and pins him against the wall. Oliver grunts. O, awful irony!

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