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Bully For Lex!

The hospital where Duncan has been kept. Lois looks at a machine's readout and says that she's not a doctor (thank fucking God!), but that you don't get the squiggly lines when you're in a vegetative state. Clark, looking at a chart as if he has any idea how to read it, guesses the new treatment must be working. Clark sees something called 12-B on the chart and it's experimental. No, it's a vitamin and you're dyslexic, Clark. Clark says the 12-B is derived from meteor rocks. Lois reads that they started giving him the stuff two days before. The injection times coincide with the attacks. Lois thinks they just found their killer. Lois tries to convince Clark that the electrical signals might foretell some astral projection, based on an article she read in the Inquisitor. Yeah, let's just go with that theory! Lois asks if Clark has a better explanation. He doesn't. They see that the last injection was twenty minutes ago. "Oh, my God," Lois says, "It's happening again." When Lois turns, Clark whooshes out of the room. A graph of Duncan's brain seems to be going haywire on a monitor.

Oliver's place. His fancy arrow case has been opened. One of the new arrows floats in the air. Cut to green in Duncan's eye, then back to the arrow aiming at Oliver. Clark zips into the room and stands in front of the arrow. It bounces off his chest, but not before exploding in an electrical cloud. The electricity dissipates. Oliver's eyes widen.

Back at the hospital, Duncan is shaking. All the machines are beeping and the lights are flashing.

Something in the air in Oliver's office flashes brightly, and then disappears. At the hospital, Duncan flatlines. Lois looks sad.

Clark and Oliver, back at his place, stare at each other.

Hospital. Lois is standing in a hallway as nurses pull a stretcher with a body out of Duncan's room. Clark walks up, asking what happened. Lois says that Clark went AWOL as things heated up, "As usual." Clark says that he went to find a phone to warn Lex and Oliver. He and Lois don't have cell phones today? Lois asks if they're all right. Clark says they're all right, but that Oliver says that whatever was going on suddenly stopped. Lois says that Duncan blew a fuse. She asks what might have caused it. Clark asks Lois if she needs that for her article. She answers that it would be good if she were still going to write it; it's a juicy story, but an exploitation piece about a catatonic patient astral projecting his way to revenge might be in bad case. Didn't she already read an article in the paper about the same subject? When are stories in the Inquisitor not exploitative? Clark asks if she'd feel the same way if Oliver weren't involved. Lois says we've all done things we're not proud of (like Season 4), but that she wishes Oliver hadn't hidden it from her. Clark tells her that sometimes in order to protect the people we love, we keep secrets. Lois shakes her head sadly while smiling: "That is...totally retarded." Ungh. Lois walks off smiling. Clark sort of does, too. Let's just move on, shall we?

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