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Bully For Lex!

Commercials. Am I the only one who feels like running to my car and going straight to Target after I've seen one of their ads?

Stately Luthor Manor. Inside, Lex, holding the bloody badge of Duncan, is telling Lana that he wasn't very popular in school. Lex says that his looks and the rumors about his brother Julian were the reasons. He says Duncan didn't care. "He was my only friend. And I betrayed him," Lex says sadly. Lana says that he was just a boy and that what matters is the man he became. Lex puts his hand on Lana's knee. They're totally gonna fuck. Oh, but Oliver walks in. He's got his arm in a black sling. "You're early," Lex says. Oliver says that it's not often he's invited into the lion's den. He says he didn't want Lex changing his mind. Lana excuses herself. "Mr. Queen," she says. "Miss Lang," he answers. Oliver says Lex is a lucky man. "In more ways than one," Lex tells him; he should be dead he says. Oliver suggests that Lex would have done the same thing for him. Right? Lex doesn't answer. He says he wanted to say thanks, and that's all he wanted to say. Lex says he's sure Oliver has business to get back to. "Lex," Oliver says, "what happened to Duncan...the way I treated both of's not something that I'm proud of." Oliver says he regrets it. It's obviously painful for him to say all this. Lex steps forward. He says he regrets every thinking he needed friends like Oliver. Oliver nods a bit, sadly. He purses his lips and turns to exit. Lex stands alone, hands in his pockets. He's a lonely guy.

Metropolis at night. Papa Luthor, at his desk, is looking at the brain charts for Duncan. We see Lex standing in the shadows from Papa's point of view. "Why did you lie to me?" Lex asks. Papa asks what Lex would have done if he'd known the truth. He asks if Lex would have visited the boy every day. Papa says that he was giving Lex a chance to move on with his life. Lex says Papa didn't do this for him; he was just using Duncan as a guinea pig. Lex says one of the treatments tapped into a very powerful part of the human brain. Why did it take him this long to try Kryptonite? Papa asks if that would have made a difference. Papa says that Lex was responsible for what happened to Duncan and that nothing will ever change that. Lex is severely rattled. "Like you said, Dad, the only thing I can do is look forward." Lex says that he wants to see the data on Duncan's last treatment. He tells Papa Luthor to have it on his desk first thing in the morning. Papa, not surprised, smiles as Lex walks out.

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