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Bully For Lex!

Metropolis. The back exit of a hospital where an ambulance, siren blaring, is taking off. Geoffrey, Oliver and Lois are walking out. Geoffrey is pontificating on the meaning of it all and what it's like to see a friend laid out on a table. "At least they say he didn't suffer," Lois offers. Geoffrey thinks it didn't tickle, either. Oliver says that Alden called him a month before and asked to go out for a drink, but Oliver blew him off. Lois says that Oliver couldn't have known this would happen. Geoffrey says that it's more reason to live for today. Carpe dumb! He asks Oliver to keep in touch. Lois suggests they get together while Geoffrey's in town. Geoffrey looks uncomfortable. Lois asks about Duncan and whether he lives in Metropolis. Awkward looks. "Not anymore," Oliver says. Geoffrey begs off, saying he has to get back to Gotham. He tells Oliver that he's got a great gal there (liar!) and not to screw it up. Geoffrey walks toward a waiting limo. The chauffer is smoking a ciggie and drops it on the ground before opening the door for him. Right there you know something's up. We pan down to the pavement beneath the limo. The car is dripping gas. Oliver waves bye. The gas flows toward the cigarette. Lois tells Oliver that he's got a smart friend. "I'm all ears," Oliver says. The gasoline catches fire and burns a trial to the limo. It explodes, pushing Lois and Oliver forward. Somehow, Lois stays in her dress. Fire! Oliver stares, frightened.

Commercials. Oh man, you don't even want to know how many Ford F-150 commercials I've seen. I know the words to the damn songs in the commercials, people. "Ford is the best in TEXAS!"

Metropolis. Oliver's clock tower building. Inside, it's gay disco night with some Evanescence-sounding ethereal crap. Oliver is using his bow and arrow, aiming at a target across the room. He closes his eyes. Lets go. The arrow flies across the room. Clark, suddenly appearing in Members Only blue jacket gear, catches it in midair. That's exactly who Oliver was thinking about when he closed his eyes! "Clark!" Oliver says happily. He says he was wondering if his security system would keep someone like Clark out. Now you know. "Looks like you need an upgrade," Clark says. Yeah, one powered by green rocks. Oliver says that maybe he needs to learn how to knock. All of a sudden, Oliver's place has replaced Lex's castle as the choice place to barge in unannounced. Oliver tells Clark that he can keep the arrow (and he should know where to stick it). Oliver says he's got a new one. He opens a metal case and pulls out a gnarly looking one. Oliver says that he was trying to develop a boxing glove arrow (ha!) and then decided to try something a little fancier. Clark just stares. Oliver pulls on the bow. Aims for the CD player across the room, which is not so much rich as it is ordered from the Sharper Image catalog. And yes, please kill the music. Oliver fires. A giant force field appears, shutting off the music and then disappearing. Oliver says that it was an electromagnetic pulse, knocking out everything within an eight-foot radius. He says it'll knock out cameras, laser systems...pacemakers. Oliver says that last one was a joke. Ha ha GASP! Oliver grins. "I'm laughing on the inside," Clark says. He also acts on the inside. Oliver says maybe they'll get lucky one day (gay!) and it'll bubble to the surface (gayer!). Staring intently, Oliver asks Clark to what he owes this pleasure (Gayest Look of the Episode!). Clark asks about Queen Industries. Oh, girlfriend! Clark lies that Chloe is doing a story about Dark Thursday and that she needs satellite images from that day to see the global effect of the disaster. Clark asks how Oliver managed to keep his satellites working that day. Oliver says that's a trade secret. From the ancient Chinese. He offers to give Chloe the access codes to the grid archive if Clark does a favor for him. Start kneeling, farmboy. Oliver wants Clark to help him figure out how Lex caused the "accidental" deaths of two of his friends. If Lex caused them, they wouldn't be accidental, would they? Clark asks if he thinks Lex killed them. Oliver says that he's known Lex a lot longer; he's seen who Lex really is. Blackout to flashback.

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