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Demons from Nell

At HQ, Cameron offers Rosen a little unsolicited advice about not making it personal, because it leads to making mistakes. Rosen is a lot less receptive than usual, even when Cameron advises him to let Kosar be the one to make the mistakes. I think Kosar's a little behind on that score.

At the house, Anna congratulates Gary on standing up for himself. He responds by calling her on lying, saying that the DOT number she gave him was wrong, and that she did it on purpose. She says she had to, and Gary thinks he gets it: "You work for Red Flag," he accuses. Anna quickly corrects him, through her made-up language and the computer that translates it: "They work for me." Wow, boss level in only four episodes?

At HQ, Bill stops in the middle of outlining a theory to point out to Cameron that Rachel's going to smell his hands on her cup that he's drinking out of for some reason. Seriously, Cameron, get your own cup. One that doesn't say "RACHEL" on it, maybe. Bill gets back to explaining how the truck they stopped was empty, which Red Flag would have had no interest in. Bill now decides he wants to see a list of every truck out there with fuel in them.

Anna's now actively trying to recruit Gary into Red Flag, playing on their friendship, but he's insisting on getting the real number from her so no one gets hurt. Anna's ready to give it to him, but first she tells him about a drug designed to prevent birth defects -- including, apparently, Alpha abilities. Anna leaves it up to him: "All you have to do is say nothing." Meanwhile, Kosar and his partner drive their hijacked truck toward the Holland Tunnel, which, as a camera zoom tells us, leads straight into Manhattan. In case you forgot.

Gary is framing his choice as how he never made his own friends until now. He has a question for Anna: is she really his friend or just pretending? When she says yes, he says that's good. "I did something sneaky, and I don't think you're gonna like it." Well, what are friends for?

At HQ, Bill's on the phone yelling at Agent Sullivan about what to do about all the fuel-laden Northwell Petroleum trucks on the road when Rachel gets a text that makes her pretty upset, unless she's just pissed about not having anything to do but peer at carpet fibers and listen to heartbeats. Meanwhile, Rosen is chewing out Nina for not bringing Gary back. "I'm not his mom and I'm not his babysitter," Nina yells back, but this discussion will have to be tabled because Bill, Rachel, and Cameron head past them on their way to following the lead on Kosar Gary just sent them. As Rosen and Nina catch up in the parking lot, Bill brings the rest of them up to speed. As soon as Rosen realizes Gary's still with the leader of Red Flag, he sends Bill and Cameron on ahead while the rest of them rush to save Gary.

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