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Demons from Nell

At the house, Anna's getting increasingly agitated while Gary assures her that Rosen will help her. She points out that Rosen isn't one of them. And it looks like she's got some sneaky moves of her own, apparently having called down a DOS attack that not only overloads the computer but Gary's transducer brain as well, sending him writhing to the floor, suffering the mental equivalent of a cascading pop-up virus.

The truck's not going into Manhattan, it turns out, but only to Montclair Pharmaceuticals, an isolated office-park campus out in the wild countryside of Trenton, New Jersey. As it pulls in, Bill and Cameron are catching up in an SUV being driven by a government agent. "They're coming," Kosar's partner says when his arm hairs stand up. Kosar floors it, smashing through the flimsy security gate while Bill and a government sedan follow. In the parking lot, Kosar jumps out of the truck, leaving his partner to detonate manually when it's close enough to the building. Cameron's trying to line up a sniper shot from the back of the moving government SUV, but when Kosar crouches down and sinks his hands into a deep puddle in the parking lot (even though it hasn't rained this whole episode), the electricity travels all the way to the SUV, sending it skidding out of control and screwing up Cameron's aim. Bill and the agents get out and pursue Kosar on foot, while Cameron holds onto his sniper rife so he can take aim at the partner -- through shifting crowds and a chain link fence and whatever else -- and shoot the detonator out of his hand before he can set it off. Good thing that detonator was such a big target. Seeing what happened, Kosar runs to retrieve the detonator, but since Bill just pushed a parked van at him, he's out of luck -- especially when the tires crush the device. Bill takes a few potshots at Kosar, then unwisely takes cover behind that van, which Kosar zaps, sending Bill sprawling like he just got tased. Cameron tries to line up a shot at Kosar, but before he can, Kosar dives under the truck where the bomb is, puts his electric hands on it, and detonates the entire load of fuel. Cue the giant fireball. So, kind of a fail for the Alphas today.

Rosen, Rachel, and Nina arrive at Anna's house and run inside, where they find Gary on the ground. He's okay except for a headache, and they get him up and out of there. Well, that could have been a lot more embarrassing.

They drop him off at his house after dark again, and Rosen says he knows Gary liked Anna, "But I'm your friend too." Gary shortly says that Rosen isn't "one of us, "which seems to take Rosen aback for a moment, but he quickly rallies, saying he doesn't make those distinctions. He insists Red Flag is a small group with extreme ideas, and Gary just tells Rosen to read the e-mail he sent him. Does Rosen usually not read Gary's e-mails?

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