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Ruining The Camp

With that, the contestants vote. Jane votes for "Martie," so either the misspelling of his name is intentional or Jane is worse than Sue Hawk when it comes to names. Despite Jane's earlier seemingly adult attitude towards Marty and their differences, she goes off on a ridiculous rant behind his back, calling him a "disgrace to every man who calls himself a father" and that she would never allow her children or grandchildren to play with his children. Wow, way to drag Marty's innocent family into this, Jane. Totally unnecessary. Marty's final words for Jane aren't much kinder, although he at least has the decency not to talk about her family: "y'all's catfishing trip has been terminated cause y'all messed with the wrong gator, Missy," he says. And then he walks back to his seat doing one of three things: exaggerating the walk he knows NaOnka hates so much just to piss her off that much more; imitating Jane's walk in an attempt to sink to her level of childishness; or doing his impression of a character in one of those Sierra computer games from the '80s. Either way, NaOnka greets it with a middle finger.

Probst returns with the urn and asks if anyone would like to play her idol. Marty looks expectantly at NaOnka, but she stays seated. "Oh shit," Marty's face says. This is not going according to plan. Nor do the votes: Jane gets four and Marty gets those of all the women, Chase, and Sash. As soon as he gets that fifth vote, his face falls as he realizes he's done for and I guess we're supposed to cheer that he finally got his comeuppance, but not me. I'm going to miss him. He did stuff! Jane winks at Alina for some reason, like those two had anything to do with each other ever. While Marty collects his torch, NaOnka stays classy by doing a golf clap. Marty wishes the guys luck and exits. Despite the loss of Marty, Probst insists that now that the tribe is no longer voting as a group, things will get interesting. They'd better.

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