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Ruining The Camp

Challenge time! The Final 11 arrive at a large obstacle course. Probst explains that they will be "randomly" split into two teams. The first team to get through the obstacle course, collecting three keys along the way, and unlock three locks at the end to release a flag, wins a reward of a trip out of camp on a zipline tour of Nicaragua's rainforest canopy and a whole bunch of food. Brenda, NaOnka, and even the other Kelly are giddy at the thought, but when the teams have been "randomly" selected and by sheer coincidence all the men are on one team and all the women are on the other, I think the wind has got to go out of their sails a bit. Because there are an uneven number of people in the game right now, Chase ends up not on either team. Probst says he gets to choose one team to cheer for and he will win or lose the reward depending on how they do. Apparently, Chase hates rainforest canopies and food, so he picks the women's team. The women are thrilled. The men are pissed. I don't think Chase's decision was that bad, actually. If I wasn't starving to death, I might have gone that way, too, just to do something unexpected and root for the underdog. Maybe that's why Chase picked the women, or maybe he thought the overall terribleness of Dan would keep the guys from winning.

Probst says go, and the teams are off. The first obstacle is a giant stack of hay, and both teams manage to get through it and to the first key at about the same time. But then the key is attached to a spiral wire high in the air, so the women's strength and height disadvantages start to come into play. That said, both teams are still pretty even until they get to the next obstacle: a bunch of bamboo sticks. The men have the weight and strength to just barrel through them, but the women kind of bounce off. By the time the men have their second key, the women are only just climbing on each other to get to theirs. The men slow down slightly in a net crawl, which Probst is quick to blame on Dan, but then Jane has trouble and holds the women back, as while she wants to believe that she's stronger than Marty, the fact is that she's starving, 56, and female and simply exhausted at this point.

The men (except Dan, who simply follows behind them and watches his team do the work for him, which is kind of awesome) crash through two "brick" walls for their final obstacle (and this is where I figured out that this challenge had a "Three Little Pigs" theme) as Jane finally makes it out of the net crawl and collapses on the ground. The men get to work on their locks as the women grab their third and final key and charge the brick wall ... only to bounce off of it. They do manage to get through one of the walls before the men raise their flag and cheer way too much for what was a very easy victory for them that they probably should have won by a lot more.

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