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Ruining The Camp

The men gloat and talk about the delicious food they're about to eat while the women either die (Jane) or cry (the random blonde girl). The guys make a point to stop by Chase's bench and rub their win in his face, too. As for Probst, he seems to feel pretty bad about how unfair things turned out and basically apologizes to the women for getting stuck on a team that had almost no chance. The other Kelly is still crying, so Probst asks her what's wrong, like he doesn't know. Jane and Holly put their arms around her and the other Kelly says she'll be okay because she gets to spend the day with her girls and Chase, whose support of the women is being taken as some grand gesture of faith instead of Chase just feeling bad for the women and forgetting that there was food at stake when he gallantly chose to support them.

And just to really turn everyone against each other, Probst asks the men if anyone would like to offer up his spot in the reward to a deserving woman. Of course, they all say no and Probst says that obviously, food is more important to these individual players than alliances. Except for the fact that they can all have their food and still maintain their alliances. Oh, please. No one's going to switch to Marty's side just because he gives up food. In fact, Jane would probably think of a reason why this makes him that much more evil than before. As the women plus Chase walk off in slow motion defeat, Marty says that Chase was incredibly dumb to side with the women and he doesn't understand his logic. I'm starting to realize that Marty thinks that anything anyone does that isn't what he would have done is stupid.

The men enjoy their reward, ziplining from tree to tree. "It was a day for the boys," Ben says. Meanwhile, Dan is considerably less thrilled with the experience. "It was okay," he says in an interview because he's too insecure to admit that he was obviously terrified. He says the only people who use ziplines in Brooklyn are burglars, which I'm sure he knows plenty about. After much fun on the ziplines, it's food time. Ben celebrates this by basically shouting "WOOOHOOHOOOOO!" the entire fucking time. Oh my god, I can't stand him anymore. I mean, I was never much of a fan, but between the woohoohoos and last week's "dirt squirrel" comment, I want nothing to do with him. Marty says the reward gave him a great opportunity to align with the men and convince them to go with his plan to blindside Jane. Of course, Jud is just fine with any plan that hurts NaOnka, and Ben shows his support of Marty's plan by offering him a high-five. Marty says as long as all the guys except Chase are on board, they simply have to convince Brenda and they'll have the numbers.

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