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Ruining The Camp

The guys aren't just pretending to be on Marty's side, either, as Ben interviews that Marty's plan is solid. With that, the guys talk about Chase and how much he sucks. Marty says he thinks Brenda is tight with Chase to "keep her options open." "He's a bad horse to ride," Dan says, who must know plenty about riding on someone else's coattails to get through this game at this point. Jud knows Chase and Brenda well enough to know that back at camp right now, Chase is upset about losing the reward and worrying about what the other guys are planning without him, and Brenda will not like this. Marty says that's all the more reason why Brenda should stick with the guys. Jud says it's Sash's job to convince Brenda to join up with them because she trusts Sash "100%." Sash says she does, but he only trusts her "95%." Sash interviews that while Marty's plan "makes sense," it's all about who he and Brenda, as the two smartest people in this game, decide to vote out.

The women and Chase are back at camp giving each other group hugs and thanking Chase for believing in them and showing his "character." How does what Chase did show character? Chase says the only guy he trusts in this game is Sash, so he sided with the women in his alliance. Brenda doesn't give a shit about anyone's character, saying in an interview that Chase was stupid to side with the girls and only did it because he couldn't stand to let his fellow North Carolina resident Jane, mother figure Holly, and crush Brenda down. The other Kelly speaks up to say that as long as Marty doesn't win immunity, he's going next. Chase interviews that he picked the women to show them they could trust him, which he hopes will get him further in the game. I think his general stupidity and ineffectiveness will be what gets him far in this game; he's just such a nonentity that he's not a threat to anyone.

Holly talks to Chase, telling him that Dan and Marty are very tight and will be trying to win Sash and Brenda's allegiance. Chase says he can't talk to Brenda about this or she'll just get mad at him. So they'll just have to trust that she's on their side. NaOnka overhears them and says she really thinks they can trust Brenda. But Chase interviews that things have changed between him and Brenda since they were separated in the tribe swap and he's worried that she's on Marty's side now. NaOnka gives Chase some good advice, telling him to trust Brenda and not get on her nerves. Chase says he won't, but the next thing we know, he, NaOnka, and Brenda are sitting on the beach and he's telling Brenda that she seems "really unsure." Brenda says she's just thinking. "I'd love Marty out first. What do you think? You seem really unsure," Chase says. Brenda is clearly becoming annoyed by this, and says, again, that she is not "unsure." Chase says she can trust him. She nods, then interviews that Chase is a worrywart and a crying baby that need constant reassurance. "You seem really unsure right now about everything," Chase says. Brenda says she's sure. Maybe if she said that with just a little bit of conviction, Chase wouldn't get so paranoid. He walks away, and Brenda interviews that despite Chase's muscles and manliness, he doesn't have the confidence and control she expects from an alpha male. NaOnka says she told Chase not to "irk" Brenda, and that's exactly what he just did. Brenda laughs and nods. NaOnka interviews that Chase's alliance is growing sick of his paranoia and may well cut him loose.

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