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Ruining The Camp

The next day, the men have returned to camp and treemail announces the upcoming immunity challenge, which will test their memories. Jane interviews that she can only pray that god keeps the "good" people in and gets rid of the "evil," which is, of course, Marty. She tells the women that if Marty loses today, the fat woman will be singing for him, "and I ain't fat but I'm gonna be the fat woman although I'm not fat." Did Jane used to be fat or something? It seems really important to her that we all know she isn't fat, like we wouldn't be able to figure that one out for ourselves just by looking at her. Jane says that anyone but Marty has to win today, or else she knows that she could be the next person going home thanks to Marty's "slanderous outburst" at the last Tribal.

The contestants take their places behind individual podiums. Probst takes the immunity necklaces away from Jud and Jane and says there will only be one necklace available today. He explains the challenge: he will show them all a series of symbols that the contestants will have to memorize and show back to him. Guess the wrong symbol or the wrong order and you're out. The last person standing wins immunity. Marty has been telling us for weeks now that he's incredibly intelligent, so this should be his game to lose, right? Probst shows the symbols in the first sequence individually: ship, musket, anchor, ship's wheel, musket, and ship. I'm sure it's much easier to memorize when you see them all laid out together like that instead of just one at a time, which is how Probst shows them to the contestants.

They all get the first and second symbols correct, but Jane and NaOnka guess ship's wheel for the third. Even Dan knew the right answer. Pathetic, ladies. I know you guys are hungry and it's really easy to get distracted and lose your train of thought in this circumstance, but it was just the third freaking symbol! Everyone guesses the next symbol in the sequence correctly except for Dan, who thinks the answer is a pile of coins even though that wasn't in the sequence at all. I think he actually did that by accident and thought he was putting up the ship's wheel, as he seemed surprised when Probst informed him he guessed the wrong answer of coins. I don't know if accidentally putting the wrong symbol up is better or worse than forgetting the sequence, but this is yet another amazing fail for Dan. I am really starting to enjoy his challenge performances. The fifth symbol trips up even more people, as Holly, the other Kelly, and Sash all guess ship instead of the correct answer of musket. It's the sixth symbol that is supposed to be the ship, which all the remaining contestants guess correctly.

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