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Ruining The Camp

So, after just one sequence, over half the contestants have already been eliminated. I hope they did some of these before that we didn't see, because it's pretty sad to have so many people get out so soon. Probst shows the second sequence, and all remaining contestants get the first symbol correct. Jud goes out on the second symbol and Chase goes out on the third, although Probst fucks with him a little bit and makes him think he might have been the only person to get the answer right before confirming that he's definitely wrong. Ben is out next, leaving just Marty and Brenda, much to Jane's obvious chagrin. Probst says it comes down to Marty and Brenda, who "have not been the best of friends in this game so far." "Not true," Marty says. "Just saying what I see," Probst says, shooting Marty a flirty wink for some reason. It throws Marty off so much that he can't remember what the fifth symbol is. While Brenda knows it immediately, Marty struggles to come up with a guess. When he comes up with ship's wheel, Brenda grins hugely because she knows she has this. She does -- she wins immunity and a big hug from Jane.

The tribe returns to camp. Ben climbs a tree to forage for food, which he can't do without letting out a series of annoying "WOOOHOOOHOOOHOOOOs." Jud and Ben then discuss their plan to blindside Jane, which they both seem to fully support. Ben suggests that they both "lay low" and "play stupid." Jud says he hates playing stupid, but it is "the smartest thing to do right now." Wouldn't it be amazing if Jud then busted out an interview where he told us he had three Ph.Ds and a Mensa membership card? Instead, he just says he's going to lay low or, as he calls it, "being cool."

Dan and Marty move in on Chase, urging him to vote with his head and not his heart and blindside NaOnka with them. Marty tries to put it in terms Chase can understand, saying that what NaOnka did is just like having a teammate steal the coach's playbook (as well as everyone on the team's wallet, Marty adds for good measure), give it to the other team, and lie about it. Chase says he would not want to play with that person, and he'll vote for NaOnka tonight. Meanwhile, NaOnka walks along the beach and says she knows the other alliance is targeting her tonight, but she'll rely on her South Central LA street smarts (are those the same street smarts that told her to take the flour? If so, she might want to tune them out) as well as the immunity idol Brenda's street smarts found for her.

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