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Ruining The Camp

Probst asks Marty if he put a target on his back last Tribal by speaking out against Jane. Right, because he didn't have a target there already? Marty repeats that Jane is a big threat at the end, just in case no one got it the first thirty times he said it. Brenda says that Marty's words were true, and you're going to want to bring a "troublemaker" like NaOnka with you to the end over Jane. Probst continues to kiss Jane's ass by asking her if she's worried about being penalized for being so awesome. Jane finally gets a chance to speak, saying that she and Marty stepped on each other's toes in the beginning. Wow, she's being so even-handed, adult, and diplomatic in regards to a guy she once referred to as Mr. Farti.

Now that there's no more drama to be squeezed out of Marty and Jane, Probst turns to NaOnka and reminds her about how she stole food from her tribe but they're still keeping her in the game. NaOnka says what she did was stupid and she'd rather not talk about it, "Jeff." The sarcastic way NaOnka just said Probst's name was kind of awesome. Marty takes this opportunity to speak out against NaOnka's actions in an effort to make her think she should play her idol. He says people seemed to act like what NaOnka did was trivial, but it was not. Stealing food is a big deal to Marty. "I'm not perfect. I'm a humanitarian. I'm a human," NaOnka says, clearly not knowing what "humanitarian" means. She says that Marty just doesn't like her, nor she him. "So you're mad at Marty cause he strategizes?" Probst asks. NaOnka says she doesn't like anything about Marty, from his hair to his walk. This is the second time NaOnka has based her opinion of someone on his hair. Actually, if you think about it, it's the second time she's based her opinion of someone on his walk, too.

Jud speaks up in Marty's defense, only for NaOnka to tell him to wait for her to finish talking. Jud face-palms while Probst giggles, although he does not wink at NaOnka like he winked at Marty. NaOnka then utters a series of nonsense words that I believe is her trying to say that this is a game and these are her competitors, so she has to hate them in order to beat them and win. Marty laughs condescendingly and says his "gut instincts" told him from the beginning what kind of person NaOnka was and she's lived up to his expectations so far. "My daddy's in Inglewood, California and I don't have nothing to prove to Marty," NaOnka says. "He's not gonna be proud of you, sister," Marty says. Hey, do you think Marty would have called NaOnka "sister" if she was white? NaOnka says her father will most certainly be proud of her because after tonight, she'll still be in this game and Marty probably won't be. Hey, if Father NaOnka didn't stop watching this show out of shame over his daughter's actions back in Week Two, then he's probably fine with this.

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