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Ruining The Camp

Despite the harsh words, everyone in the tribe, including Marty and NaOnka, seems to be in pretty good moods and not letting this stuff bother them. That won't do, so Probst asks Jud how he feels about all of this. He says NaOnka's thought process doesn't make any sense to him. Maybe it will when she's in the Final Two or Three and he isn't? NaOnka interrupts to inform the group that she isn't stupid. People who have to tell other people that they aren't stupid are usually stupid, I've found. Jud interrupts NaOnka right back and says her saying she was sorry doesn't change the fact that she stole the flour. NaOnka loses her temper and says everyone keeps talking about the flour, and "what the fuck? What you want me to do?" A shocked Probst's eyebrows rise as high as his botox will allow them to.

NaOnka continues that people can keep harping on her for stealing the flour but she won't lose any sleep over it since she's not sleeping very well in the first place. Marty says she might get a good night's sleep tonight. Marty and NaOnka exchange sassy "mmm hmmms." NaOnka insists that all this talk isn't bothering her, but Jud says it must be since she keeps "going off." NaOnka reminds us that it doesn't take much for her to go off on someone, especially Jud. Jud has been patient and the better person for too long, so he finally unleashes his almighty wrath on NaOnka by saying that she irritates him. "You irritate the fuck outta me too!" NaOnka says, causing Holly's eyes to bug out like she didn't know this was the kind of person she threw her support behind. [She probably didn't. It is Holly after all. -- Angel] NaOnka continues that this is who she is, so fuck you if you don't like it. That's a $100,000 runner-up prize attitude right there. The silence that follows is broken by Marty laughing in the corner. "Fuck you too!" NaOnka tells him.

Probst tries to take control back, but words escape him. "I gotta say, I'm ... I'm ... (sigh) ... god, NaOnka -- I think I'm speechless!" That is not going to win him another hosting Emmy. He finally finds the words to say that it's amazing to him that NaOnka can explode on everyone like this in Tribal after Tribal and still be here, and it tells him that she's going to be there in the end. Jud looks sick at the thought. I think NaOnka's thought process is starting to make sense to him now. NaOnka says if someone wants to bring her to the end because she's a bitch or she's embarrassing herself, then that's fine. As long as we all know that she's not putting on a show and this is who she really is. Yeah, so don't go getting any ideas that NaOnka is a brilliant strategist playing for an easy second place by acting like a nasty crazy person when she has no strategy and is simply nasty and crazy. "This is what I've been for 27 years," NaOnka says, adding that if other people don't like it, that's their problem. Well, except when those people divorce her and she has no family to support her because they apparently don't like the way she acts either. But I guess if NaOnka didn't learn any life lessons and become a better person from that, she certainly won't be using her Survivor experience to change, either.

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