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Coach Kool-Aid

Te Tuna. Day 27. They return from Tribal Council and talk about how great Sophie did at the challenge. Cochran interviews that he was disappointed with his performance at the challenge. Has Cochran done well in ANY challenge? Seriously? Even the team ones, it seems like he was either screwing up or holding them back.

Coach and Cochran sit down to discuss the vote. Coach says that they have to get rid of Dawn because if she somehow makes it to the end, she'll win. Everyone likes her. Cochran interviews that Dawn and Whitney know that they're the next two to go, but he's worried that the twist will be a double immunity, which means Cochran could be in danger if either Dawn or Whitney wins the second immunity.

Dawn and Whitney talk about which one of them will go home first. Dawn is pretty sure it's her, and she interviews that she's worried, but she also knows that it isn't over until it's over in this game. And even then, you get to go to Redemption Island. Dawn and Whitney talk about if they have any moves to make, and decide that they should talk to Albert. Whitney interviews that they know they need to be careful about which people they approach from Upolu. Whitney adds that Brandon is a loose cannon, Rick isn't even playing the game, and Edna is up Coach's butt. I like this "back against the wall" Whitney. She seemed really boring until this episode and now she's showing some spunk. Maybe if she had done that earlier, instead of clinging to Ozzy like a barnacle, she wouldn't be in this predicament.

Dawn and Whitney talk to Albert (while Cochran lurks creepily). Dawn and Whitney quickly lay out their case: Coach is going to take Edna and Sophie to the finals, and now is the time to make a move to prevent that from happening. Albert interviews that he knows that he needs all the Savaii jury votes if he wants to win. His big idea is getting rid of Edna. He thinks that will make Cochran happy, because he will move up the ladder one spot, and it will make Whitney and Dawn happy, because they won't go home. He knows he will lose Edna's vote, but she wouldn't vote for him anyway. I'm guessing he thinks he'll go to the finals with Coach and one other person, so he doesn't need to worry about losing Coach's vote. He would probably also lose Brandon's vote too, since we know how Brandon feels about loyalty. No one else seems crazy about Edna though, since they almost voted her out instead of Mikayla a few weeks ago. Basically, Albert is looking for the Upolu member he can vote out and cause the least blowback, I guess. So it's really a medium move, not a big move. A big move would be voting Coach out, and I don't know why that's not even on the table. Coach still has the Hidden Immunity Idol, but if they blindside him, it won't matter.

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