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Coach Kool-Aid

They're heading to Tribal Council awfully early in the episode so either something awesome happens there, like a big argument, or it's a double elimination. Probst brings in the jury, Jim and Keith. How do they both already look awful? You know how, on the finale, everyone looks way worse than they did after thirty-nine days of no showers and starvation? Jim and Keith already have that puffy, shiny look. And while Jim is clean-shaven, Keith has given himself a stupid moustache and Van Dyke goatee. And he's wearing a skirt. Blech.

Probst starts out by asking Dawn what she did after losing immunity to try to stay in the game. Dawn says that she tried to offer up her vote, and she doesn't understand why the people in positions five, six, and seven are so content to stay there and leave the game before the finals. Probst does the math and realizes that if the bottom three from Upolu joined up with Dawn and Whitney, they would have five votes and control the game. At Probst's questioning, Whitney says that she knows Cochran is in position seven. Cochran says that he knows that's the impression people would have, but he's confident that he can maneuver his way out of it. On the jury, Jim is shaking his head like, "WTF is he talking about? He's an idiot." Jim, we agree on so little, but you are right on. Probst tells Cochran that he can't believe Cochran hasn't made plans beyond being voted out seventh, and that tonight, either Dawn or Whitney is leaving, or someone's getting blindsided. In other words, wake the FUCK up people! Do something! Probst is basically begging them to do something interesting. Probst, we agree on so little, but you are right on.

Cochran basically says that he has plans for what he's going to do when the Upolu tribe cracks up, which is inevitable. In other words, "I'm not sticking my neck out until Savaii is completely gone." Cochran then agrees with Probst that this is kind of an ideal time to make a big move, and Dawn adds that she's desperate and will pledge loyalty to whoever needs her. Probst asks Coach if he's worried, and Coach says that he's always worried. He then adds that he's not a big talker and he's not in charge of the alliance, despite what people say, but he worries about someone making a big move against him all day long. If he's not the tribe leader, why would anyone make a move against him? I think he just contradicted himself. Probst calls Whitney out for rolling her eyes when Coach said he wasn't the tribe leader. Whitney laughs that everyone always reports back to Coach after talking, so she assumed he was the leader. Albert double-talks that Coach may or may not be the leader but he's probably not but maybe he's pulling the strings. Coach has to have the last word (but he doesn't talk much) and says that he likes information, and he saves it to use later. Time to vote, but first Probst gives them one last plea to make a big move and shake things up. PLEASE!

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