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Archer Fight!

Speaking of the Island, let's go back to it! The missile goes into the sky. Oliver runs for something, and then ducks because he's being shot at. Shado and Slade kill people. Shado gets to the tank and pops open a circuit board. Oliver runs up and she explains that she's reprogramming the missile. More soldiers get killed, including the one inside the tank itself. The tank starts rolling down the road because there's a dead guy leaning on the accelerator. Shado is knocked off the tank and yells to Oliver to put the last chip in place. Oliver gets rid of the last goon and puts the chip in. The missile (which is still not at its target, somehow) turns around. Oliver stops the tank by yanking on driver's body, and then jumps down and hides behind the tank. The missile gets back to the ground much faster than it got up to the place. It blows up the camp. Kaboom!

Quentin tells his boss about this earthquake machine nonsense. He has to admit that his source is the vigilante, who calls him on a secret phone. His boss thinks that's inconsistent with being on the vigilante-catching task force. Quentin says he'll happily throw away his career if he can save people's lives. He gets suspended. Turn in your gun and badge, Quentin! Also, nobody's going to do anything about evacuating the Glades, I guess.

Castle Queen. Oliver walks in on Moira (who is packing her clothes for no reason we're given) and tells her it's time to stop the Undertaking. She's thrown, although he was in the room when she confessed all the details to Diggle (who was dressed as the vigilante). She cares more about protecting her children than about protecting the Glades. Oliver says he talked to Malcolm. Moira tells him, "He could have killed you. He killed your father." Oliver corrects the record by telling her that Robert killed himself on the lifeboat so there'd be food and water for his son: "He sacrificed himself so that I could live." Oliver says he needs to know where the device is. Moira's phone rings and she answers it. Again, right in the middle of an important discussion with her son! It's Malcolm. He's accelerated the timetable and the Undertaking is happening tonight. I'm surprised he told Moira. He surely knows Oliver has escaped by now. Oliver leaves, saying, "Somebody in this family needs to put an end to this. Whatever the cost." I think he forgets he's supposed to have a secret identity.

Oliver fumes his way to the top of the stairs. Laurel's there. She woke up and he was gone. I like how the love triangle keeps trying to force its way into this episode. I don't care about the love triangle itself, but I like how the collision of plots is causing Oliver to work on two things at once. He assures her he's not scared, and she asks what's going on with him. He gets vague: "There are so many things that I have wanted to tell you for so long." He brings up the Island and says the five years scraped away things he wasn't and revealed the person he always was, which is the person she always saw. Very poetic. He adds, "Nobody in my life is who I thought they were except you." Well, and Thea. They kiss in a nicely backlit shot. Then he asks her to stay out of the Glades tonight, but he won't tell her why. "You'll know soon. One way or the other." And now he has to go.

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