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Archer Fight!

Merlyn Global. Tommy comes in and tells Malcolm that Laurel is with Oliver again. Oh, and Oliver told him that Malcolm wanted to nuke the Glades. He thinks that's silly, so he adds, "Maybe after your jihad, we can grab some steaks." Malcolm says it's true. And that's also why he closed Tommy's mother's clinic: so it wouldn't get leveled. Oh, that's nice. And reasonable, too. And now, since it's been brought up, he's going to make Tommy listen to his mother's last words. Tommy isn't thrilled about this, but Malcolm plays the voicemail anyway: "I told them to take everything. My money. My ring. He shot me. I screamed for help." And so on. Geez, the one time anyone in this city let a call go to voicemail and it was his wife dying. Malcolm says she bled out onto the pavement while people passed and did nothing, which meant that the city can't be saved. Tommy asks, "So you kill them all?" And then Malcolm starts shouting: "Yes! They deserve to die! All of them! The way she died!" It's good shouting.

Oliver walks into the Arrowlair and says it's on tonight. Felicity says she's figured out that the sigil on the front of the notebook might be important. It's a map of the subway lines under the Glades. She compares it to a geological survey of the tectonic plates under the city. There's a fault line that parallels the 10th Street subway line for a mile. Oliver says he knows where the device is. Then he answers his phone, right in the middle of the conversation. Thea says Moira's holding a press conference. Oliver asks, "What channel?" She says, "It looks like all of them." Oliver asks Felicity to pull up the local news. Of course, although "all" the channels are there, Felicity brings up WEBG, the only station in town. Moira announces that she has failed this city. Thea is watching from the back of the room, and a policeman comes in behind her. Moira says she's been complicit in an Undertaking with a horrible purpose: to destroy the Glades and everyone in it. She says that the architect of this nightmare is Malcolm Merlyn. Malcolm (also watching the local news, as everybody does all the time) gets angry. Moira lists Adam Hunt, Frank Chen and Robert Queen as people Malcolm has killed along the way. Good for her! She begs the people of the Glades to get out now. Quentin's still at the police station, for some reason, and he sees this as well.

After the press conference, Thea confronts Moira. She's angry because she loves Roy. Moira asks, "Roy?" in exactly the way Michael Bluth asks, "Her?" Thea explains, "He lives in the Glades." But I think she needs to explain who Roy is, since Moira clearly has no idea. Thea runs out, and Moira's under arrest.... again without a lawyer in sight.

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