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Archer Fight!

Tommy asks Malcolm if it's true. Malcolm answers, "I did what I had to do." Then he moves a picture on the wall and uses a thumbprint scanner to reveal his Black Arrowlair. Tommy makes a great expression, which convincingly conveys his distress at finding out that even his father is a serial-killing archer. And then! A SWAT team busts in and says Malcolm's under arrest. He ducks out of the way and kills all three of them. Tommy gets a pistol from one of the bodies and points it at his father. Malcolm's got a machete, which is better than a gun on this show. Malcolm tells Tommy he can't be stopped. Then HE disarms Tommy and knocks him out. Sorry, son!

Arrowlair. Although Malcolm broke Oliver's bow in the last episode, Oliver has a spare bow in a box. Well, good. Felicity says the earthquake device could be on a timer or it could be remote-controlled. Oliver tells Diggle to go to the subway (in case it's on a timer) and he'll handle Malcolm (in case it's remote-controlled). Diggles warns, "He'll kill you, Oliver." Oliver agrees: "I know. He's beaten me twice. And I don't know how to stop him." Diggle thinks bringing backup would help. They argue about whether Diggle can help, but he settles it by saying, "A soldier never lets a brother go into battle alone." That's great, but he's let Oliver go into battle alone several times. Oliver doesn't have another spare bow, but Diggle is happy to bring his gun. You know, the device with much greater portability, range, rate of fire and lethality than a bow? So that puts Felicity on the task of finding and disarming the device, right? Oliver tells her to get out of the Glades, but she asks who'll do it if not her?

Oliver calls Quentin. He says the device will be at a particular abandoned subway station because that's where Malcolm's wife was murdered. Oh, sure. That's definitely the way guys like Malcolm think. He tells Quentin he needs to get down there and disarm it, since they have a mutual friend who could talk him through it. Way to sell Felicity out, jerk. She was trying to convince Quentin that she has nothing to do with the vigilante. Oliver tells Quentin that the city needs him. Quentin sighs.

The Glades are rioting. Some people have signs. Roy watches the TV news and learns the deal. Out on the street, people are on their way out of town. Quentin drives his police car against the flow. There's a helicopter overhead announcing things I can't quite make out. Quentin breaks into the subway station, which involves knocking some planks out of the way.

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