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Archer Fight!

On the roof of Merlyn Global, Oliver and Malcolm shoot arrows at each other. Then they close the distance and fight. Oliver shoots an arrow at Malcolm from five feet away. Malcolm catches the arrow again, and this time it blows up in his face. You know, like in The Avengers.

Felicity tells Quentin to cut the blue wire. The countdown speeds up and the device starts to open. Felicity says there must be an anti-tamper safeguard. Lady, you're supposed to be looking at the schematics. Quentin says there isn't time. He calls Laurel (who's still at CNRI for some reason) and tells her to get out of the Glades right now. Right now! He's scaring her, and he tells her he won't make it. He begs her, "Promise me one thing. You're not gonna die along with me." He wants her to promise not to make the same mistakes he did, which, if I'm not mistaken, is a line from "Coward of the County." They tell each other that they love one another. Then Felicity instructs Quentin to listen very carefully.

Roy drives like a maniac. Then he stops because there's a bus full of people who need help. Roy can't leave his people behind, but he tells Thea to get to safety. They kiss. It's a very romantic scene, but Roy's wasting a lot of time if he wants to get any helping done before the earthquake.

Roof. More fighting. Kick! Roll! Hurricanrana! Backbreaker! Diggle crawls up to the roof. Malcolm has Oliver in a sleeper. Oliver remembers his father and his family, and then grabs an arrow and stabs Malcolm through the shoulder. He says, "Thank you for teaching me what I'm fighting for." Malcolm gets to a knee and Oliver punches him down to the ground.

Quentin monkeys with the wires. The device shuts down. Felicity tells Oliver they did it. Hooray!

Malcolm smiles. He rasps, "If I've learned anything as a successful businessman, it's -- cough -- redundancy." Then he dies. Oliver tells Felicity there's another device. We see it lower to the ground. It's a good thing for Malcolm this second device didn't show up on any manifests.

In an extreme longshot, we see lights go out across the Glades. We also see CNRI and the Arrowlair shaking. Oliver and Diggle watch buildings crumble from their great vantage point on the roof.

Quentin reaches the street and runs for CNRI, where bookshelves are falling over. Laurel gets flattened by concrete falling from the ceiling. Felicity tells Oliver that she's fine (although there's also a lot of stuff falling from the ceiling at the Arrowlair) and that the damage seems to be contained on the east side at 12th Street. You know, where CNRI is.

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