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Treachery on the High Seas

Back out on the love boat, the newlyweds wake up a little later in the morning than they meant to after their passionate wedding night. Ams is still bouncing around at the thought of being married, so she takes her energetic self down to the cabin to start cooking breakfast. Jack slowly follows after, but stops when he notices a pack of cigarettes tucked into the ship's rolled up sail. He goes to ask his wife if they're hers -- already taken up smoking and you're not even a day into marriage, tsk tsk -- but doesn't get to finish his sentence because Nate's got Amily held at gunpoint.

Hopefully not trigger-happy 3-D title card and commercials

Jack is calm and collected, even with a gun pointed at his new bride. That's probably because he has no idea why Nate would be so angry about a legit business deal between himself and Conrad with Emanda's money. Nate fills Jack in about the leverage Conrad claimed the Porters had over him. This is news to Jack. Still, he's level-headed, asking Nate to just get Conrad on the phone and they can settle the problem with words. How boring. While Nate tries to get a signal out on the deck, Ams whispers to Jack that there's no way they're getting out of this alive unless they kill Nate first. Jack offers to sail Nate closer to shore so he can get a signal and sort this all out. Nate thinks that's a good idea, but instead he'll do the sailing himself and take Amily with him, sealing Jack in the cabin.

Ems shows up at the Stowaway, looking for clues and finds Charlotte happily uploading wedding day photos on her laptop. Emanda makes up some lie about looking for the earrings she loaned Ams for the wedding to try and get an opportunity to snoop around, but it's not necessary because Charlie goes off to check on Carl because the air conditioner broke. While she's gone, Emanda takes a look at the photo of Jack and Amily on The Amanda that's on Charlotte' screen, and has a superhuman moment, noticing part of Nate's face peering through the boat's window. It seriously requires, like, five zooms to see it clearly after she supposedly noticed it a few feet away from the laptop. Ems pulls out her phone and snaps a picture of Nate's face.

Cut to Emanda showing it to Nolan outside of the Stowaway, allowing Nolan to simply serve the purpose in this scene of making Nate sound like a scary, bad dude that you don't want to mess with. Also, Nolan decided to check up on whether Mr. and Mrs. Porter checked in at their hotel, for some reason, and they hadn't. Basically, we should be really scared for Jack and Amily. Nolan gets out his tablet to try and track Nate's GPS signal from his cell phone. His last coordinates came from the ocean, halfway to Nantucket. In other words, he's probably hacking Jack and Ams to pieces as we speak.

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