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Treachery on the High Seas

Cut to Nolan noticing something odd on his tablet. He yells for Emanda to stop the boat because he can see that Declan's laptop has just come online. If he can hack the webcam, they can see what's happening on the boat. Nolan does just that, and they can see Jack typing away, still alive. Cut back to Nate wavering about Amily's proposition. He finally buys off on it and decides they need to turn the boat around and head back for Montauk. Cut to Nolan and Ems noticing Jack reacting to a change on the boat. They look at the GPS tracking to see The Amanda changing course. Ems resumes full throttle on the speedboat, her pained and worried face standing out over a poorly green-screened ocean background.


Stowaway. Declan calls out the time of death for the A/C unit. He shouldn't feel bad about not being able to fix it, Charlotte says, because it's as old as her mother. Enter Victoria right on cue. She's there to invite Charlotte to the house for their Labor Day party, but Charlie wants no part of it. The Queen knows how to get what she wants, though, and uses the current situation to her advantage. She suggests that baby Carl should probably be out of the heat from the broken air conditioner, and Charlotte could probably use a rest. It's a perfectly logical reason that even Declan gets behind, dropping his cold posturing to Victoria. With that settled, Victoria sneaks into Amily's bedroom and plants Helen's headscarf and cell phone under the bed.

At the Nolcorp offices, Aiden recounts his story to Padma of losing his sister to the Initiative. Hey... what about the Nolcorp office being bugged? I thought that's why Padma had to tell her story about her father to Nolan elsewhere. No matter. Aiden claims he can help Padma with her father's situation, but first things first, they need to verify he's even still alive. They can start that line of inquiry by getting in touch with Helen. Aiden hands Padma her phone.

Jack has grown impatient in the boat's cabin and demands to be let out so he can talk to his wife. He asks if what he heard her say about their marriage is true. The look on Amily's face tells Jack that she's keeping up a lie to protect them both, while her voice keeps Nate in the dark. Jack plays his own gambit. He accuses Amily of lying about the laptop, and that he saw it in the cabin. While Nate goes to look for it, Jack motions for Ams to help him start deploying an escape raft while they keep up their fake argument. That fake argument start to get a little real, with Amily making sure that Jack knows there wasn't any real truth to anything she said. She reiterates that she loves him as Nate calls out for her to show him where the laptop is. She grabs it from under a mattress for Nate. When it props open we cut to Nolan seeing it come back online with a video feed of a confused Nate. From out on the deck of The Amanda, Jack calls out to Amily, "Now!" as he pulls the ripcord on the raft.

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