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Treachery on the High Seas

Ams locks Nate in the bedroom and starts blocking off the cabin while Jack preps the raft to be dropped in the water. Nate pulls out his gun and lets out three rounds to try and break the clasp holding the cabin shut. The third bullet tags Jack in the ribs. Cut to Nolan informing Ems that he thinks Jack has been shot. Emanda's beside herself, still leaning on that speedboat throttle. Cut back to Amily helping Jack down the boat's ladder. He flops down into the raft, clutching his side where he's losing a lot of blood. Without hesitation, Amily starts untying the raft from the boat. Jack: "What are you doing?" Amily: "Saving you. I love you, Jack." Jack protests, but it's too late. He's drifting away from his wife. Ams turns to face Nate as he bursts through the cabin door. She charges him and avoids his gun enough for him not to fire it, but he backhands her, knocking her unconscious. Nate curses, realizing he's let Jack escape.


It's the Labor Day party at Grayson Manor. Victoria and Conrad stand alone, though not too far removed from their partygoers. Conrad notes that his faux wife looks radiant in her element -- that being in one of her form-fitting dresses at an over-the-top soiree. Victoria's not in the mood for compliments with what they've recently been dealing with, and she's ready to drop the charade of being Mrs. Grayson altogether. Not only was their no clause to their agreement to present a united front that said it must terminate at the end of summer, Conrad insists that his political career depends on exuding family values. While Victoria may not care about that, Conrad's sure she cares about what might be good for their son. Conrad walks off, leaving Victoria to contemplate this as she catches eyes with Daniel across the room.

While Jack floats aimless and unconscious on his raft, Amily awakens from the blow to her head to find herself blocked in the boat's cabin. She peers out through one of the bullet holes Nate made in the door earlier and sees that he appears to be having a tough go of navigating. Ams contemplates her next move. Cut to Nolan and Ems speeding through the dark waters, searching the horizon for signs of Jack. They notice Nate turning the boat again on the GPS, and figure he must be looking for Jack as well. It's a race now. Cut back to Amily searching frantically in the cabin. She pops open a compartment in the floor and stomps it to create a large water leak. Ams then begins stuffing canned goods into a pillow case.

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