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Treachery on the High Seas

At the soiree, the Graysons are doing their usual schmoozing when they're approached by an unsettling man in a black suit named Trask. He asks to pose a few questions to Conrad and Victoria, starting with the whereabouts of Helen Crowley. Cut to the Graysons leading Trask into the den. They follow through with their story about giving Helen the evidence she wanted the night she came to Grayson Manor, but Trask isn't buying it. Helen doesn't negotiate, he says. Seeing their plan has hit a little snag, Conrad does a good job of selling his sudden epiphany that maybe Amanda Clarke is responsible for this. He even gets in a rib at the Initiative for failing to destroy all the evidence she supposedly now possesses when they staged Victoria's plane crash. Trask, staring down Victoria: "It seems our people failed at any number of intentions that evening." Victoria: "Oh, wasn't I the lucky one?" The Graysons suggest Ams got her hands on the evidence through Gordon Murphy since he was married to her mother, after all. They say they informed Helen of her being a threat and then told her to get out of their house, as Victoria now does to Trask.

Nolan spots Jack off in the distance through his binoculars. He's not moving. Emanda resumes the throttle. Cut to Nate realizing something's not right on The Amanda. He slows the engine and continues poorly navigating. Amily waits for him as the cabin fills with water, prepared to bash his head in with a sack full of Campbell's.

Back to Nolan and Ems. They manage to snag Jack's raft and get a good look at him. There's no exit wound. Nolan's pallor would convince you that he's lost more blood than Jack. Emanda demands to know if she can trust Nolan to get Jack to a hospital. Nolan snaps out of his daze: "Ems, it's Jack. I will do everything that I can, but what are you going to do?" Emanda: "I can't leave Amanda." She hops in the raft and pulls the cord to get the engine started. They part ways.

On The Amanda, the power has now gone out as a result of the flooding. An indicator light for "high water" starts buzzing. Nate grabs his gun, heading down to the cabin, but Amily's nowhere in sight. Meanwhile, Nolan's gunning the engine of the speedboat and talking to an unconscious Jack, but probably doing it more to keep himself from freaking out.

A flashlight and a gloved hand rummage through the bedroom at the Stowaway. Trask sifts through drawers of junk until he looks under the bed, finding Helen's phone. He turns it on, and there's 14 unheard voicemails. The first one is from Padma, saying she's found Carrion, but it's incomplete and will require Nolan's assistance. She demands proof that her father is still alive. Calmly, Trask pulls out his own phone and places a call. "Helen has been compromised. I'm going to need to arrange a delivery."

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