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Treachery on the High Seas

Nate continues his search for Amily. He reaches the back of the cabin, and is ready to open the bedroom door when Ams pops out from under a bench cushion behind him and whacks him with her sack of soup. It's not nearly the ideal whack either. Nate goes down, but not out. Ams runs for the deck of the boat, and it's really not clear what her plan would've been, but it doesn't matter because Emanda is there to whack Nate on the head again with an oar when he comes rushing after Amily. Ems pulls out her gun, but Ams distracts her just enough for Nate to sweep Emanda's leg. They begin to wrestle and fall into the cabin, with Ems ordering Amily to find Nate's gun. In the struggle, Emanda's gun goes off, puncturing the boat's reserve propane tank. Nate's strength begins to overpower Emanda, and just as he's turning the gun on her face, Amily appears in the doorway with Nate's gun. She lets off a round into his back. There's no time to celebrate with the cabin filling with gas. They run for the raft, but Amily stops when she notices that her necklace has fallen. When she reaches to grab it, she sees Nate sitting next to the propane tank, popping open his lighter. Amily screams for Emanda to get down as she jumps onto the raft, shielding Ems. The Amanda explodes.


In the aftermath of the explosion, Ems tries to stay afloat while scanning the wreckage for Amily. She gets back on the raft and spots Ams floating unconscious on some debris. Ems paddles.

Aiden and Padma are still sitting in the office at Nolcorp. Padma's phone rings, and Aiden tries to calm her down in preparation of taking the important phone call. Aiden puts it on speakerphone, sitting by silently as Padma answers, expecting Helen. Trask informs her that Helen is no longer with them, but her orders are the same. Again, Padma demands that the Initiative provide proof that her father is alive. Trask says that she's already signed for it, sending Padma's eyes looking down at a small box with her name and address on it that's sitting on the table. Trask: "Feel free to check the fingerprint." Padma reaches for the package, but Aiden stops her. He cracks it open himself and tries to keep a stone face, but his jaw flinches. He turns to Padma and she knows what's in the box. It's like the end of Se7en, only much less awesome.

The Labor Day party attendees have all gathered around the Grayson family as Ashley introduces Conrad to much applause. He wastes no time announcing his plans to run for governor. Everyone looks very satisfied except for Daniel, but you just can't please everyone when it comes to politics.

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